State proves that hell exists, and it doesn’t work – 5/8/2023

The Brazilian State proves on a daily basis that hell exists. But it does not work. When a company in trouble with illegal mining in the Yanomami reserve is hired by the Army and the Ministry of Health, under Lula, to drill artesian wells in the indigenous territory that it helped to violate, the country is faced with two possibilities, both deleterious.

One of the alternatives is that the Army and Health, although present in the region, did not know of the suspicion that marks the contracted company, Cataratas Poços Artesianos. Another possibility is that the contractors, although they knew that the Federal Police and Ibama had indicated the firm’s headquarters as a base for illegal mining in Yanomami land, shrugged off the information.

Faced with such disqualifying hypotheses, any justification for hiring the suspect company —without bidding— only reinforces the feeling that the public interest is a helpless value in public administration. Activated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Justice opted for the lesser evil —in the face of a fait accompli, it ordered the conclusion, not the interruption, of the service.

Ironically, the owner of Cataratas, Rodrigo Martins de Mello, is an outstanding Bolsonarist. He runs a pro-garimpo NGO. He joined Valdemar Costa Neto’s PL. In 2022, hooked on Bolsonaro, he spent BRL 500,000 of his declared fortune of BRL 33.5 million on an unsuccessful campaign for federal deputy.

An intern would peruse the entrepreneur’s file before doing business with him. But the Army and the Health Ministry did not have the wisdom to consult the PF and Ibama.

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