Stopping culture wars, white rhinos reintroduced to DR Congo, Berlin’s free and anonymous drug tests

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re exploring a transparent new approach to addressing the issue of culture wars in US schools, the release of sixteen white rhinos into a DR Congo national park years after poachers drove them away, and a new initiative helping Berliners safely test their drugs anonymously and free of charge.

US district’s first Black superintendent is tackling toxic school culture wars

The day-to-day work building trust within the community has set the stage for defusing the culture wars confronting Middletown’s public schools.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

White rhinos reintroduced to DR Congo park 16 years after species decimation

Sixteen rhinos have been released into the Garamba National Park, marking a symbolic return of the animals after poachers drove them to extinction in the area.

Source: Al Jazeera

Berlin to offer free and anonymous drug tests

With results given within three days, the scheme will help Berliners to check the composition and purity of their drugs.

Source: Resident Advisor

The Netherlands to install free sunscreen dispensers in over 100 locations

With skin cancer the most common form of the disease, the move aims to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting skin against harmful UV rays.

Source: Dutch Review

UAE’s coral reefs are making a big comeback

Coral nurseries are helping conservations rebuild the reefs through an extensive restoration program, reviving an environment damaged by extensive coastal developments.

Source: AP News

Dutch company breathes new life into old tyres

By repurposing the shredded rubber tires as temperature-regulating roof panels, Ceyes are creating a closed-loop system to lower building emissions.

Source: reset

NGO sharply reduces human-wildlife conflict in Colombia’s cloud forest

Through promoting dialogue, inclusion and community participation in conservation efforts, an NGO is helping locals forge a new relationship based on coexistence.

Source: Monga Bay

Indigenous pharmacists are confronting Big Pharma’s legacy of systemic racism

By building community trust and developing resources for patients and pharmacists alike is key, grassroots activists are finding their place in Canada’s health-care system.

Source: CBC

Trackable radio pants are helping researchers study South America’s frogs

The tiny garments have been fitted to three species of frogs in order to test their abilities to navigate the rainforest.

Source: Reuters

How Delhi brothers’ avian ambulance service has taken wing

Seeing a trapped bird led Amit and Abhishek Jain to dedicate their spare time to rescuing dozens of creatures every day – with over 1,000 supporters rallying behind them.

Source: The Guardian

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