Storage Wars Cast Members You Might Not Know Passed Away

“Storage Wars” Season 4 introduced viewers to the husband-wife duo Rene and Casey Nezhoda. They went by “The Bargain Hunters,” owning a thrift store in Poway, California. Starting in Season 8, fans got a glimpse of Rene’s father, Gunter Nezhoda. He started tagging along on his son’s adventures, learning about the art and business of antique collection. He was a big hit with fans for providing comic relief, but he had numerous passions, including acting, photography, and playing bass. Some of his acting credits include “Do Not Disturb” and “The Haunting of Death Valley Junction.”

Sadly, Gunter Nezhoda died on March 21, 2023 after being diagnosed with lung cancer six months prior. He passed away peacefully in Salt Lake City, Utah with his other son, Ricky, by his side in the hospital. Rene Nezhoda addressed his Instagram followers in a video explaining what happened, resulting in an outpouring of support. Many fans reached out to comfort Rene at this time, saying how his father lived a full life and clearly loved him.

Seeing who died on “Storage Wars” may be heartbreaking, but at least fans got to spend some time with these colorful characters before they left us.

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