Stormy Daniels ‘Releases New Movie She Directed About Top Sex Toy Company’s Film Division’

Stormy Daniels is reportedly set to release a new film which she directed through the film division of a popular sex toy company.

Stormy Daniels is reportedly set to release a new movie she directed through the movie department of a popular sex toy company

Stormy Daniels is reportedly set to release a new movie she directed through the movie department of a popular sex toy company

The former porn star, 44, said the film she is also starring in is called ‘Redemption’ – the same name as the horse she is said to have been riding when Donald Trump was impeached.

In a profile of the former adult entertainer, Page Six revealed that the film was released via a racy company, saying: “She will be releasing the feature film ‘Redemption,’ which she directed for Adam and Eve Films, later this summer. ”

Stormy previously told her fans on Twitter that she was working on “cuts” for a new movie “that was written, directed and starred by me,” adding that she was “SO happy with how amazing it looks! “

She included a link to Adam and Eve’s online store in the post, telling fans they could visit “in the meantime” and use the code “STORMY” to get 50 percent off their purchases.

It is unknown if the film will be an adult film or if it will address the aftermath of Stormy’s claim that she had an affair with former US President Trump, 76, in his hotel suite in 2006.

She told how she was riding her horse Redemption when news of his impeachment broke in the days after Trump made history by becoming the first ex-US president to be impeached.

Stormy told Piers Morgan in a seated conversation: “I was riding my horse and I could hear (my phone) going off. Ding Ding ding.”

Piers, 57, said: “And your horse’s name is Redemption,” to which Stormy replied:

“Right. I was astride a horse called Redemption when he was charged. So when I got out and my phones melted, I was like that, and you know my husband comes running out.

“He said, ‘What just happened, now my phone is dead?’

“And then, I know, one of the missed calls I’ve had was from my attorney, so obviously that was the first one I made. And… there is a lot to unpack.”

Stormy, who is married to adult actor Barrett Blade, 49, also told Page Six that her first feature film, the 2015 erotic western Wanted, was a highlight of her adult career.

She said, “It had all the parts: it had a great story, it had great actors and actresses, it had battle scenes and historical wardrobe and locations because it’s set in the 1880s.”

Trump is scheduled to appear in court again in New York in December after pleading not guilty to 34 counts of forging business records.

They are believed to be linked to an alleged $130,000 hush money payment to porn star Stormy ahead of his 2016 presidential campaign after she claimed they had been having an affair – which the former Apprentice judge denies .

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