Strategies against eviction, California to ban fossil fuel cars, guerrilla gardening

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, U.S. cities are helping residents on the brink of homelessness with new strategies to avoid eviction, California moves to ban gas-powered cars, and individuals transform neglected pieces of land through guerrilla gardening.

U.S. cities explore eviction prevention strategies amid housing crisis

Millions of renters in the U.S. avoided the threat of displacement thanks to legal protections, according to Eviction Lab. As time draws close to moratoria’s end, some cities try out eviction prevention strategies to address the housing crisis.

Source: Prism

California to ban sale of petrol-powered cars by 2035

In a landmark move in the fight against climate change, California is set to ban the sale of new petrol-powered vehicles in 13 years. The ball is now on the US government’s court to approve the policy.

Source: BBC

Smartphone app introduces ‘bikepooling’ to LA commuters

A research group is eager to transform the mode of transportation in Los Angeles. Through bikepooling, CiBiC aims to help commuters improve their physical well-being and boost environmental health without compromising road safety.

Source: Bloomberg

England’s gardeners to be banned from using peat-based compost

The government has a target of restoring 35,000 hectares of peatlands by 2025 as part of its commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Source: The Guardian

Scientists develop AI that can listen to the pulse of a reef being restored

The new algorithm has been hailed as ‘an important milestone’ for efficiently processing acoustic data to answer the basic question of how to determine the progress of a reef restoration programme.

Source: Mongabay

New Orleans joint project uses recycled glass to avert coastal erosion

Louisiana is losing coastal land at an alarming rate, equivalent to one football field every 100 minutes. Now a non-profit group and a team of scientists join forces to stave off shoreline erosion.

Source: Bloomberg

How these tech alternatives to air con could help the environment

Air conditioning accounts for almost 4% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, according to NREL. As a result of climate change, the demand for air cooling is only expected to rise. Here’s a look at some less harmful alternatives.

Source: Euronews

New maps and local knowledge power Chad’s climate fightback

With heat, drought and floods wrecking livelihoods and sparking conflict, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim set out to help villages map and share precious resources.

Source: The Guardian

Anti-capitalist cafe uses radical approach to lift workers out of poverty

Cafe Euphoria is veering away from traditional business patterns. Its worker-centric economic structure carves a safe space for the trans and gender-nonconforming community.

Source: YES! Media

How guerrilla gardening works and benefits the environment

Considered as a peaceful form of environmental protest, guerrilla gardening is appealing to more and more individuals. One advantage is its accessibility, as it can be done without an organised group nearby.

Source: Euronews

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