Street art saving lives, Cairo metro employs first women, former enemies replant forests

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, US cities are using art to make streets safer, Cairo’s metro is being driven by women for the first time, and in Burundi, former enemies work together to replant forests.

How art can make streets safer

Multiple cities across the United States have experimented with street art to reduce accidents and have achieved positive results. By drawing the drivers’ attention to the road ahead of them, collisions with bicyclists and pedestrians have dropped up to 50%.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Cairo Metro employs women for the first time

After already providing a designated carriage for women to prevent sexual harassment, the Egyptian capital’s metro is now employing women for the first time.

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Soda Tax may help lower income households with health and finances

A recent study has found that lower-income groups may be the ones that benefit the most from the Soda Tax collections, which help subsidise things like food shops.

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Native youth transform empty Chicago lot into the first Indigenous garden

After being entrusted a big empty lot in Chicago, the Native youth were uncertain if their project would take off. But with auntie Janie Pochel’s leadership, the results speak for themselves.

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Researchers develop method to destroy “forever chemicals”

Using sodium hydroxide(lye) and dimethyl sulfoxide, scientists at Northwestern University have discovered a method to break down the so called “forever chemicals” (PFAS) which pose a significant threat to the environment.


Cafe in India supports acid attack victims

After the disfigurations that an acid attack can leave a victim with, social shame and trauma can prevent many of them from continuing their lives. Sheroes’ cafe aims to change that.

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Stories from eco-fishing and its sustainable solutions

Traditional fisherman deliberately avoid using industrial tools and methods in their aquatic endeavours. Not only does this avoid damaging the ecosystems of their catch, but it also presents a sustainable platform for eco-tourism.


Reintroduction of sea otters to the Oregon coast helps restore degraded kelp forests

Hunted out of the area in 1906, the sea otter has been successfully reintroduced to Oregon. Local tribal leaders say that the sea mammal positively contributes to the health of local kelp forests.

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Effective Altruism’s hesitant conscience

The movement that aims to bring a straightforward, unyielding morality to society is led and guided by individuals like William MacAskill, determined to help the poor worldwide.

The New Yorker

Former enemies work together to replant forests in war-scarred Burundi

Civil war devastated Burundi’s forest cover, but now a new initiative brings together ex-combatants to help reforestation efforts. The initiative has received praise for the variety of trees planted.


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