Strike today in Berlin: Deutsche Bahn with hopeful message

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Strike in Berlin: Deutsche Bahn with hopeful message

Achim Stauss, spokesman for Deutsche Bahn.

Achim Stauss, spokesman for Deutsche Bahn.

Photo: Julian Wuerzer

The strike is on, the Berlin S-Bahn has stopped operating. How is the BVG doing? How is the traffic jam situation? All news.

  • The strike is on in Berlin today
  • The S-Bahn is no longer working
  • There are also flight cancellations at BER
  • There are traffic jams on some highways
  • Here you will find all the news about the strike in Berlin

Berlin. The regional traffic of the Deutsche Bahn and the operation of the S-Bahn Berlin is because of the nationwide strikes set. Since the start of operations, there have also been no regional trains in Berlin and Brandenburg. Whether individual lines can be resumed in the afternoon depends on the course of the strike. The Ostdeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft (ODEG) also reports that 14 lines will not operate at least until the afternoon. Also read: Strike in Berlin: S-Bahn, BVG, BER – the consequences at a glance

At the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), on the other hand, there is no strike. Your means of transport – subways, trams and buses – run regularly. However, it is to be expected that the BVG becomes significantly fuller.

As well on Airport BER there is no strike. Nevertheless, there are many flight cancellations there. You can find an overview of failures at BER here.

Strike today (March 27) in Berlin – the overview



S-Bahn Berlin

Strike, no trains

BVG (subway, tram, bus)

no strike, regular traffic

Airport BER

no strike, but cancellations possible

Regional and long-distance traffic
the Deutsche Bahn

Strike, no trains

regional transport
the ODEG

no strike, but no trains


Closures possible, traffic jams expected

Strike news in Berlin: passengers are stranded at Spandau station

9.15 a.m.: Spandau train station, shortly after 9 a.m. A young man walks down the stairs from the platform, shaking his head: “No chance”. Some passengers googling up and down the platforms. After all, the S-Bahn platform across the street announces a strike. The DB displays are empty except for a ticker on a display down the hall with a strike notice. A replacement for the canceled S-Bahn and regional train from Spandau in the direction of Berlin city center is the U7 underground line from Spandau station. The trains are not crowded in the morning.

Deutsche Bahn with hopeful message

9.05 a.m.: There is still hope for commuters this Monday. Despite the mega strike, regional trains could get back on the rails. “In regional traffic, depending on the course of the strike, individual trains may be able to run again,” says Achim Stauss, spokesman for Deutsche Bahn. But that depends on the dynamics of the strike. Passengers should be informed via the website and in the timetable information. Long-distance traffic, on the other hand, will remain suspended all day. It is of no use if there are train crews for an ICE, but there is a strike at the signal box, for example. Stauss says, however, that Deutsche Bahn wants to enable a smooth start to traffic on Tuesday.

He described the mega strike as “exaggerated” and “exaggerated”. Millions of people are affected as well as thousands of companies. In the end, the environment also suffers, says Stauss. He also did not spare criticism of the EVG, which called for a strike. “It is very strange that there is a strike today and that negotiations will only continue in five weeks,” says Stauss. He again urged the union to quickly return to the negotiating table. Because solutions would be found there and not on the street.

Quiet location on Berlin streets and autobahns

8.30 a.m.: The situation on the streets and motorways in Berlin and the surrounding area is relatively quiet on Monday morning. As can be seen from the map of the traffic information center (VIZ), there are currently no major traffic jams or traffic obstructions. An example: Car traffic from the west/Spandau into the city is currently flowing normally, at least on Spandauer Damm there is no traffic jam.

Passengers are annoyed by the lack of information on the S-Bahn

8:22 a.m.: Paule, 72, is angry. He wants to go from Charlottenburg to Pankow and is annoyed about the S-Bahn. “No info, nothing, up there on the tracks,” he complains. “I didn’t work like that before.” At the bus stop, a BVG employee will inform passengers about alternative routes with the BVG. He doesn’t have much to do. Most Berliners have known about the strike since Friday and have prepared for it.

Bahnhof Zoo – It wasn’t even that empty during the lockdown

8.10 a.m.: It wasn’t that empty at Bahnhof Zoo even during the lockdown. On the regional train platform, two passengers google whether they should somehow go to Potsdam. The pigeons are among themselves on the S-Bahn platform.

Travelers are stranded at the main train station

8.05 a.m.: Two women roll their suitcases through the station building. They only speak broken English, but one of the two says she didn’t know anything about the strike. They wanted to go to Prague today, but now there is nobody who can help them because the travel information is closed. They now want to look for a hotel and continue on Tuesday.

No indication of a strike at Potsdamer Platz

7.50 a.m.: At Potsdamer Platz, a deserted regional train station, the Bahntower and a closed snack bar are boring. There is no indication of the strike in the station, but only the trains of the transport companies not involved in the strike have been announced. There is also no sign of strikers in front of the Deutsche Bahn entrance.

Central station becomes a ghost station

7.45 a.m.: The main station is almost reminiscent of a ghost station. No suitcases rattle across the floor, no trains roll in, but the escalators creak. Most people should have looked for alternative travel routes in advance, and stranded passengers have not yet been seen. Deutsche Bahn employees set up an information board for passengers in the morning. It answers the most important questions about the ticket and refers to the website, since the passenger information desk is not manned, nor is the travel information desk.

Busier than usual on the U5 towards Hauptbahnhof

7.40 a.m.: On the way from the east of the city in the direction of the main station, the U5 is busier than usual. People stand close together in the subway from Alexanderplatz, but there is no crowding. In road traffic, the situation seems to be the same as usual on weekdays, traffic jams around the Molkenmarkt. Some people can also be observed in the morning who have been using e-scooters or getting out of Uber cars.

Traffic jams currently on the following routes

7.35 a.m.: The traffic information center (VIZ) reports that many commuters from the surrounding area are driving in the direction of downtown Berlin, so traffic jams of up to +20 minutes have formed on the motorways. Affected are the A111 from the Tegel tunnel in the center and the A115 in front of the Zehlendorf junction. There is also a traffic jam on the B158 in front of Ahrensfelde.

Subway trains on the U7 lines are not busier than usual

7.30 am: The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) with subways, buses and trams will not be on strike. It is still not fuller on the U7 line than usual at this time.

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