Study shows: Older people are really that committed


Study shows that older people really are that committed

Old helps young: Seniors settle disputes in schools

Old helps young seniors settle disputes in schools

In the “Senior Partners in School” project, older people volunteer as mediators at schools in Germany. This is well received by the children, as can be seen, for example, at a school in Berlin.

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Whether volunteering or caring: the 60+ generation is very active in society. There are differences between town and country.

Berlin. In Germany, people over 60 make a strong contribution to their families, but also to society. According to data from the German Aging Survey (DEAS) 2020/21, which is available to this editorial team, they play a role, among other things important role in caring for their grandchildren.

Just under a third of older people who have a grandchild under the age of 14 years, therefore participate in their care. The German Aging Survey is a representative cross-sectional and longitudinal survey of people in the second half of life. Read the comment about this: People over 60 – society needs them!

At the same time, 14.7 percent of respondents in the city and 11.4 percent in the country also support dependent family members. 3.7 percent (city) and 4.6 percent (country) care for relatives.

Older people are also active outside of the family socially a. More than a fifth of 60 to 90 year olds in the city do voluntary work (22.6 percent). In rural areas, this rate is slightly lower at 16.6 percent.

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Family Minister Paus emphasizes the contribution of older people

A large proportion also stated that they were strong politically interested to be – in cities more than half of those surveyed (56.8 percent), in rural areas a little less (48.9 percent). There are also differences between urban and rural areas when it comes to party activity (7.7 percent to 3.8 percent).

Lisa Paus, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, highlighted the contribution of senior citizens for society: “Elderly people keep our country running,” said the Green politician, “day after day”. They take on a variety of tasks in family and society. “They care for and support relatives, they look after grandchildren, they do voluntary work, they are politically involved,” said Paus. “The commitment of the older generation benefits our whole society and keeps it together. We must honor and recognize this enormous achievement.” (tma)

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