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Ambition and power struggle are themes that, when explored in films or series, end up pleasing a significant portion of the public.

So, no matter what era or context the game is set in: whether it’s the fictional antiquity of “House of the Dragon”, the unscrupulous “The Wolf of Wall Street” or the British royalty of “The Crown”, it’s fascinating to watch the plans developing, while the values ​​are proportionally put aside, with each attack.

Now, let’s think about this: what if all this happens to a typical rich and troubled family? Glamor adds a special touch to the plot. And when the dramas are inspired by real events, it’s even more accurate: after all, who doesn’t surrender to a good gossip about the obscure little world of the richest?

Watch the ‘succession’ series on UOL Play and HBO Max.

If that’s the kind of premise you like, you can take note of the tip: this and much more happens in “Succession”, a series that just won its final season on HBO Max.

Did you know that the episodes that end the Roy saga are already available on UOL Play? Yes, the most talked about series of the moment is also here!

Just for starters, “Succession” was born acclaimed! Winner of several awards over the years, the production has already taken home Emmy, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award statuettes. Since its debut in 2018, the show’s audience numbers have only grown, and audiences and critics consider the series to be one of the best of all time.


The Roy Family, the main nucleus of the series, is inspired by the controversial Murdoch Family.

According to series creator Jesse Armstrong, real-life millionaires were the central theme of a screenplay he wrote more than a decade ago. The script was originally made for a movie, but the project ended up not getting off the ground.

However, years later, with the development of the series, the screenwriter ended up taking advantage of some of the writings and adapting them for “Succession”.

The Murdochs consistently stand out in high society as successful artists, businessmen and military men. Tycoon Rupert Murdoch is the founder of News Corporation, once the largest media conglomerate in the world.

Fox News, known in the United States for its editorial aligned with conservatism, was also created by Murdoch. The broadcaster has already been involved in several scandals: the constant manipulation of news to benefit Republican politicians, such as George W. Bush and Donald Trump, is one of the most serious accusations.

However, even if “Succession” is based on the story of the Roys, the events and characters of the series have other sources of inspiration – the Sulzberger and Redstone families, also known for controlling the US media, help to thicken the drama’s broth. and millionaire gossip from the series.


Even if you haven’t watched the older episodes of the series, don’t worry, we won’t be giving away too many spoilers here. But if you want to watch past seasons before learning more about what’s to come, they’re all available on UOL Play.

The final chapters of “Succession” are generating huge fan anticipation, and the show’s producers know it. For this reason, the scripts for each of them were rewritten several times, so that the conclusion was carried out in the best possible way.

In short, season 4 increases the tension between the family, as Logan (Brian Cox), the patriarch, fights for his interests in the future of Waystar Royco, the Roys’ media conglomerate, to prevail.

In parallel, the heirs Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) feel betrayed, and dream of transforming the family company.

The first episode of the last season arrived at UOL Play on March 26, and the following chapters will always be released on Sundays, weekly.

Now, what are you waiting for to become a subscriber and follow “Succession” and many other unmissable content? Take advantage of UOL Play and find out who will win in this millionaire power game!

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