Succession’s Brian Cox thinks Logan Roy should have survived a little longer

Brian Cox also admitted to the BBC that he was initially disappointed with Logan Roy’s final scene. “In the end I was okay with it, but I felt a little rejected. You know, I kind of felt like, oh, with all the work I’ve done, and I’m going to end up, you know, as an ear on the carpet of an airplane,” he said. But he also stated that it was wrong to feel harshly dismissed by the show and admitted Logan’s final nod proved satisfactory in the end, calling it a brilliant choice.

It also turned out that Logan’s funeral had a totally unexpected guest – Brian Cox himself. Cox shot several scenes to keep Logan’s death from getting publicity, including showing up at the funeral to convince the press that it was Ewan (James Cromwell). Cox’s wife, Nicole Ansari-Cox, also made a cameo appearance in the final version of the scene. While those scenes will likely never come to light, the effort Cox has made to keep the secret a secret is greatly appreciated by Succession fans around the world.

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