Sunscreen: how long does it last?

Who does not know it? At the beginning of summer you want to dutifully cover yourself with new sunscreen, but a look in the bathroom cabinet reveals: there is still some left over from last year! But is she still good? “Öko-Test” has the answer.

Sunscreen does not keep forever after opening. When you open a new bottle or tube this spring, be sure to write the date on it with a permanent marker. The editors of the magazine “Öko-Test” recommend this. This will help you later to assess whether the sunscreen is still good.

A small symbol on the packaging will help

Because many products state how long they keep after opening. According to the Industry Association for Personal Care and Detergents (IKW), this can be recognized by the symbol of an open pot with a time stamp. If it says “18 M”, the sunscreen should be used within 18 months of opening.

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In addition to the information on shelf life, you should also rely on your senses: If the colour, smell or consistency of the sunscreen has changed, you should no longer use it, according to IKW. (mp/dpa)

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