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Rumors are circulating about who could take on the role superman in the new DC Universe film Superman: Legacy.

Since the new DC heads James Gunn And Peter Saffronannounced plans to recast the role of Superman, the rumor mill is circulating. Henry Cavill previously took on the role but will no longer portray the cloaked superhero in the new films.

In addition, the rumor had long been circulating that the new Superman would be in his early 20s. However, James debunked that rumor, explaining that they don’t just look at actors in their 20s.

We’ve compiled a list of the top names fans are betting on to become the next Superman. Odds makers also reveal the odds for each election. Note: This list is not from James And Peterbut rather from oddsmaker forecasts.

Read on to see the most popular options for taking on the role right now…

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