Suplicy alleges the Statute of the Elderly, asks for preference in the CPI queue and starts a riot at Alesp

The opposition’s strategy, however, did not work and deputies from Tarcísio’s base managed to register all five commissions allowed at the beginning of the legislature.

Deputies disagreed this Friday, 24, in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp), after Eduardo Suplicy (PT), 81 years old, use the Elderly Statute and ask for preference in the order of opening proposals in the House because of his age. It is a strategy of the opposition to get a place in the rite of protocol of the Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry (CPIs) that will function in the next six months. The maneuver, however, did not prosper, and parliamentarians from the Tarcisio de Freitas (Republicans) were able to complete the registration of all collegiate members at the beginning of this legislature (read list below).

Parliamentary advisors had been “camped” in a line at the door of the plenary since the afternoon of Tuesday, 21st. By the rule of the House, only five committees of inquiry can work simultaneously, which caused the dispute for a place in the table of protocol of the requests.

The formation of the queue generated an impasse between the deputies, since it left the question whether the Board of Directors would consider the order of those who were camped in the corridors of Alesp or if, instead of that, the order of registration of propositions in the online system would be valid. line “Alesp sem papel”, which allows applications to be sent via the Internet. The House, however, decided to adopt the face-to-face route for registration, claiming that a third of the deputies are in their first legislature and do not have access to the system.

Dispute between deputies caused turmoil in the line of requests for the opening of CPI in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo

Dispute between deputies caused turmoil in the line of requests for the opening of CPI in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo


This Friday morning, PT parliamentarians stood in line and asked that Suplicy be the first to register a CPI. The action started a riot at the door of the plenary. Parliamentarians from the government base accused the opposition of trying to jump the queue with Suplicy and shouted that “there will be no coup”. The opposition, on the other hand, alleged the Statute for the Elderly to give preference to the PT and that normative acts of the House “are not above federal law”.

“A federal law (Statute of the Elderly) supersedes the act of the House. We are going to question the president and take the necessary legal action to guarantee the functioning of this CPI”, said deputy Luiz Cláudio Marcolino (PT).

Around 9:45 am, the PT bench went to the office of the president of Alesp, Deputy André do Prado (PL), to argue that Suplicy should be the first to file a CPI request. Meanwhile, the doors of the plenary were opened and the registration of requests began, following the order of the queue. In this way, deputies of the situation managed to place the first five requests.

  1. Thiago Auricchio (PL) – Investigate reports of recurring technical problems in the provision of electricity services by the Enel concessionaire in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, especially in the ABC region of São Paulo.
  2. Itamar Borges (MDB) – investigate scam practices involving fraud both through transfers via Pix and by cloning credit and debit cards.
  3. Gil Diniz (PL) – to investigate the conduct of a treatment carried out at the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo (USP) to make the gender transition in children and adolescents. The protocol was drawn up by deputy Carlos Cezar, leader of the PL
  4. Fabiana Barroso (PL) – to determine which public policies are being promoted and which should have been carried out in relation to landslides on slopes and hills in the State.
  5. Paulo Correia Júnior (PSD) – investigate the “crack epidemic” in the capital of São Paulo, but also in other cities of the State.

The main objective of the opposition was to file a CPI to investigate a shooting that took place in the Paraisópolis favela during a Tarcísio campaign agenda last year, which resulted in one death. When Suplicy finally managed to file the request, the board had already registered at least another 30 CPI requests. Now, the bench promises to trigger Justice to guarantee the investigation.

According to Deputy Donato (PT), it will also be possible to try to introduce it through legislation, seeking an agreement in the House. “If there is sensitivity on the part of the Bureau, we have a regimented path. There may be a sixth CPI if the request is voted on in plenary, with the approval of 48 deputies”, he stated. For that, however, a broad agreement in the Assembly would be necessary, since the opposition has 26 of the 94 parliamentarians in the House.

In an attempt to end the queue this week, Alesp distributed passwords on Wednesday, 22, to order the submission of applications this Friday. The opposition, however, stated that there was no preferential password distribution for the elderly and the impasse continued. On Thursday, the 23rd, the opposition decided to remove its advisers from the queue as a form of boycott. Parliamentarians claimed that the parties that support Tarcísio formed the queue without warning and positioned more than one server per cabinet, in order to exclude the opposition.

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