Susanna Hoffs has some “FRIENDS” celebrating her debut novel!

Suzanne Hoff‘ Monday might be a little ‘manic’ this week!

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She may be best known as the frontwoman for legendary ’80s pop group The Bangles, but Hoffs is preparing to show her fans a different side of her resume: the ‘Manic Monday’ singer is set to release her first novel, ‘This Bird’ flown”, on Tuesday April 4th!

Early reviews of Hoffs’ first novel are already enthusiastic, as is Hoffs himself; She’s started celebrating the book’s release early on Instagram!

On Sunday (clearly her “fun day”), Hoffs enlisted the help of some friends to get the party started. The women in her crew know a thing or two about long-lasting friendships! Read on to find out that the two famous and friendly celebs were on hand to celebrate their big moment!

The ‘Bangles’ frontwoman is counting down the moments until her book leaves the nest!

The ‘Eternal Flame’ singer has long been celebrating her significant milestone on social media! Hoffs has increased her fans’ excitement with various celebratory posts on Instagram.

Hoffs may have been quite famous for a pop culture revival of the Egyptian walk with The Bangles in the 1980s, but she’s still testing her dancing skills; She recently posted a scroll with her contribution to the viral Big Wave dance to promote This Bird Has Flyn!

She captioned the role, “64-year-old woman tries big wave in celebration of her first novel, hitting bookshelves in five days!”

1980s icons Molly Ringwald and Go-Go’s frontwoman Belinda Carlisle were on hand to celebrate Hoffs’ sizzling departure!

“Kill,” Ringwood encouraged her mate. Carlisle cheered for Hoffs with a “Bravo” and lots of heart emojis.

Hoffs will also be traveling across the US for a book tour! She announced the ten dates on Instagram last month, revealing there will be virtual events too!

Human readers aren’t the only bookworms looking forward to Tuesday! Hoffs shared a role with two donkeys giving their love to a This Bird Has Flyn promotional box and could hardly contain their excitement!

Who are the notable people who are also looking forward to celebrating?

From donkeys to actresses to a few good friends, Hoffs has got plenty of readers excited to get their hands and hooves on This Bird Has Flyn!

Friends alum Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox celebrate their singer’s debut novel.

“Susanna’s book is finished; it will be released on April 4th,” announces Kudrow. Cox also agrees with her, encouraging Hoffs’ fans to “go read it” and calling the novel “amazing!”

Fans loved this surprising collaboration and expressed their excitement in the comments!

“This video brings me so much joy because Friends is/was one of my favorite shows of all time and you are my favorite musician,” one fan commented. “Also, I can’t wait to receive and read your novel,” they shared .

“This post from friends makes me happy and nostalgic,” commented another admirer of Hoffs.

“The One Where Susanna Writes A Best Selling Novel,” predicted one fan, referring to the “Friends” episode’s legendary title format.

“Omg I would give anything to be in the same room with these three icons for a moment,” shared another fan.

“Flippin eck, that’s marketing now,” said one follower.

Fans can also snag a signed copy of This Bird Has Flyn on release day! Hoffs will be hosting a virtual book signing on Tuesday, April 4th at 2:00pm EST/11:00am PST!

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