Susie Evans on cheating allegations against Clayton Echard, compatibility

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Susie Evans recently spoke out about the cheating allegations made during her time with Clayton Echard. There was big news and speculation at the time, until Clayton was able to confirm that he was not in New York at the time of the alleged fraud. Although she and Clayton have been separated for months, she is now revealing her true opinion of the situation. Read on to find out more.

Susie Evans shares her true feelings about the cheating allegations

Susie Evans recently appeared in the She’s all Bach Podcast in which she shared some thoughts about her ex, Clayton Echard. Allegations of cheating surfaced while Susie and Clayton were together. A woman in New York claimed to have been with Clayton. She said at the time that she didn’t know who he was at first and that he had a girlfriend.

The woman even texted Susie and told her everything. Susie didn’t know at first that the woman was in New York. So she wanted Clayton to explain what was going on. He was in Arizona with his brother and was able to prove it to Susie. When Susie realized they weren’t even in the same town, she was fine and knew it was all a hoax.

When asked what she thinks of the supposedly fake Clayton running around getting involved with women, Susie replied that she didn’t believe any of it. In fact, Susie basically believes the whole thing was made up and that this isn’t the first time this person has done it. Susie doesn’t think a fake Clayton has ever walked around New York and met up with women. What do you think?

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Susie has also spoken more about the reasons her and Clayon couldn’t make their relationship work. the previous Bachelor and Susie did their best but ultimately found they were incompatible. Susie shared that she and Clayton were very different. In fact, Susie was confused when he chose her, believing that he would be more compatible with other women in his season, especially Rachel Recchia.

She also shared that after the show aired, many things Clayton said or did were due to the producers whispering in his ear and giving him tips. Once they were back in the real world it was more difficult because she felt like he really had no idea who she was.

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What do you think of Susie’s thoughts? The bachelor?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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