Sustainable mud cities, return of the fin whales, human hair fighting oil spills


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, architects return to an old, sustainable construction material, Antarctica’s fin whales population increases, and a human hair invention helps remove oil spills.

Sustainable architecture: when cities are made out of mud

Mud constructions keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Now more and more architects are returning to the often overlooked, age-old material, trying to design more sustainable buildings.

Source: BBC

Vast group of southern fin whales filmed feeding in Antarctica, sparking hope of recovery

Scientists say numbers of world’s second-largest animal have slowly improved since 1970s whaling ban but sightings in Antarctic feeding grounds are rare.

Source: The Guardian

Shell to start building Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant

The new plant will be placed in Netherlands and will produce up to 60,000 kilograms of renewable hydrogen per day.

Source: Reuters

ECB to provide funding to greener firms

The European Central Bank has released a new financial plan to help sustainable businesses and intends to revamp 344 billion euro to support greener firms.

Source: Reuters

Sierra Leone backs bill to legalise abortion and end colonial-era law

The country hails a ‘monumental step’ towards expanding reproductive rights at a time when the US has overturned them.

Source: The Guardian

‘Fonio just grows naturally’: could ancient indigenous crops ensure food security for Africa?

Calls are growing to invest more in the continent’s traditional grains as a way to break its reliance on imported wheat, rice and maize.

Source: The Guardian

How terracing can help both farmers and the environment

Cultivated terraces offer a great number of environmental solutions: they prevent fire, moderate temperatures and require minimum water supply.

Source: Yes Magazine

From a fast fashion shop to a climate emergency hub

Another empty property in England was renovated for sustainable, community beneficial purposes. ZERO, an environmental initiative spreads climate awareness across towns.

Source: Positive News

21 ways to give back to your community

A community can’t exist without some degree of interdependence — and positive communities thrive off of mutual care for one another. Here are 21 way to make a positive impact.

Source: Good Good Good

How human hair can be used to remove oil spills

Hair naturally absorbs skin oil, but can also fight synthetic lubricants. Adele Williams, a hairdresser from Wales uses beauty salon wastes for environmental purposes.

Source: BBC

#22: The Good Newspaper

There are several online magazines covering exclusively “good news”, but hardly any newspaper. Interestingly, Branden Harvey, the man who founded one of them, had never purchased a printed newspaper in his life before. In this show, Branden tells us why he did it anyway, what kind of impact their stories have, and what the difference is between feel good news and real good news.

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