Swiss seniors sue about climate change, first cheetahs born in India since 1952, club for lonely girls

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Swiss seniors take their government to court over climate change, cheetah cubs are born in India for the first time since 1952 and a London club helps lonely girls.

Swiss seniors sue Switzerland about climate change

A group of female Swiss sensors is taking the country to the European Court of Human Rights. They allege that the country’s climate policies put their health at risk.

Source: Euronews

Vanuatu pushes the International Court of Justice to pressure polluters

The archipelago nation of Vanuatu wants the ICJ to rule on the role nations have in creating and fighting climate change. If successful, it could have far-reaching effects on climate litigation.

Source: grist

Cheetahs give birth to first cubs in India since 1952

India’s cheetah restoration program has found some success, as the first cubs in 70 years are born. This is part of a larger program to reintroduce the big cat into the wild.

Source: BBC

A club for lonely London women to socialise

The London Lonely Girls Club was founded in 2018 with the idea of ​​organizing low-pressure events for people feeling isolated. It has grown to over 20,000 members across the city.

Source: BBC

Toronto turns to community-centered housing to ease cost of living

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is putting together a program styled after African communities. The goal is to create a “village in the city” to combat isolation and increase community support.

Source: Next City

A new implant helps produce and release insulin

An implant, powered by sugar, can help people with type 1 diabetes. The device can detect insulin and glucose levels while releasing insulin into the host when needed.

Source: New Atlas

How some US states lead the pack in clean energy

From wind plants in Iowa to solar panel plants in Rhode Island, some US states produce disproportionately more clean energy. This is a result of forward-thinking legislation and tax policies that discourage fossil fuels.

Source: Inside Climate News

Net-zero shipping: where there’s a will

There are whispers of a global decarbonization agenda for the archaic monolith that is the maritime shipping industry – but will the technology be ready to turn the tanker in time?

Source: Energy Monitor

Labor strikes are finding success across the US

With cost of living increasing, organized labor action is finding ways to help workers make a fair living, obtain raises and manage a better work-life balance.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

An Auschwitz survivor educating people on TikTok

Tova Friedman survived Auschwitz at age six. Now, she speaks about her experience and answers questions on TikTok to help preserve history and fight antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Source: Washington Post

The benefits of the four-day work week

In the UK, the world’s largest trial of the four-day work week has just ended with positive outcomes regarding health, productivity, revenues, job satisfaction and more. In our new podcast episode, behavioral scientist Dale Whelehan, tells us why he wasn’t surprised about that and how the outcomes are interconnected.

Source: Squirrel News

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