Sydney’s upcycled high rise, green energy hub on NYC jail complex, 3D-printed homes for Indigenous community

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, an upcycled highrise helps save 7500 tonnes in CO2 emissions, a jail complex in NYC will be transformed into a green energy hub, and 3D-printed homes change an indigenous community’s lives.

Upcycled high-rise in Sydney wins international architecture prize

The project winning the International Highrise Award was singled out for its ability to save 7500 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions by integrating the previous building into the new one.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

This NYC jail is becoming a green energy hub

New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex is set to close by 2027. Now city officials have presented a plan to transform it into a citywide green energy hub that will include solar energy installations, a citywide wastewater treatment plant and a research institute.

Source: Movemnt

All large car parks in France will soon have to be covered by solar panels

The new legislation requires parking lots with spaces for at least 80 vehicles to be covered by solar panels. According to the French government, such changes could produce up to 11 gigawatts, powering millions of homes.

Source: Electrek

Is ’24/7 carbon-free energy’ the new gold standard of decarbonisation?

A new clean energy procurement trend favored by the world’s most climate-conscious cities and companies promises to help the power grid achieve full decarbonisation.

Source: Energy Monitor

Why the percentage of women of color in US elections is increasing

Out of 259 women nominated in House primaries this year, 43 percent are women of colour. Aimee Allison, executive director of She The People, explains how they have been building political capital in elections in an unprecedented way.

Source: Yes Magazine

The city where a minimum wage hike campaign has no opponents

If it passes, the hourly wage in Tukwila Washington would spike to 17 dollars.

Source: Next City

Sierra Leone provides legal platform for local landowners to have a say on their land

Many countries have long favored the profits of mining and agriculture over land and landowner rights. Sierra Leone aims to change that.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Remote Indigenous community pioneers 3D-printed homes set to change rural lives

Traditional owners of Mparntwe collaborate with Melbourne company Luyten to combat housing shortages and improve Ilpeye Ilpeye residents’ lifestyle

Source: The Guardian

This plumber’s support network helps struggling families face the harsh winter

Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair, known as Depher, provides a free and discounted service to people in need.

Source: positive news

Can an activist in exile persuade the Taliban to allow teaching on TV?

The regime’s closure of her support and literacy centers for women and girls was crushing, but Jamila Afghani is looking for ways to build a brighter future for the Afghan women she left behind.

Source: The Guardian

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