SZA shows curves in bodysuit for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS

singer-songwriter SZA showed off her curvy figure in a fresh set of hot photos for the new SKIMS campaign. She looked stunning in the brand’s popular lingerie, showing off all her curves.

According to Skims co-owner Kim Kardashian, SZA, who she describes as honest, confident and dynamic, is the “woman of the moment.” The singer is currently on tour to celebrate the success of her new album SOS.

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SZA flaunts her curves in the SKIMS lingerie campaign


In a recent lingerie campaign for Skims, SZA got hearts racing when she flaunted her massive curves in photos released by the brand. In one of the campaign photos, the “SOS” hitmaker spotted a triangle bralette that suits everyone as she posed seductively.

She curled her luxurious raven hair into thick waves that cascaded down her shoulders and down her back. SZA accessorized her light, natural makeup with layers of gold necklaces, rings and a stylish manicure accented with gold.

“I’m excited to be a part of SKIMS’ latest lingerie campaign and to join a brand that strives to make women feel both comfortable and sexy,” she said per Daily Mail.

Brand co-founder Kim Kardashian shared, “SZA’s honesty, confidence and dynamic energy is unparalleled. She truly is the woman of the moment and I am so honored to have her featured in the latest SKIMS campaign.”

“SZA is a defining voice in popular culture today, a multi-faceted artist inspiring women around the world,” added the brand’s CEO Jens Grede. “We are delighted to be spotlighting SZA in this campaign as we believe she embodies the values ​​of SKIMS.

Fans are excited to see SZA in SKIMS


Several fans took to social media to react to the Grammy-winning singer. “I saw SZA wear a Skims bodysuit so I decided I’m going to wear a Skims bodysuit,” wrote one fan.

Another fan added: “My goodness! I just love her body. The bralette rocked so effortlessly…I’ll definitely be getting a piece asap…”

“She ate and left no crumbs. SZA is so beautiful…” wrote a third fan. The “Kill Bill” singer definitely had fans’ jaws on the floor as “She looks so damn good.”

“I never cared about skims until this moment,” wrote another fan.

She addressed plastic surgery and BBL rumors


The singer apparently clapped back at trolls as she addressed rumors that she had surgery to enhance her body in the lyrics of her song “SOS.”

SZA sang on the first track, “So classic/that a** so fat/it look natural/it’s not.” heard your opinion / I could have done without it.”

She was recently called out for her friendship with rapper Kendric Lamar, who has been slammed for allegedly shaming women. SZA didn’t hesitate to defend her former labelmate’s lyrics, which referenced stretch marks and natural hair in women.

“What’s that misogyny like when he supports body positive image? I think that’s so weird and reaching,” she remarked. The singer added, “If you want to support women, you should support all forms of women.”

SZA has no problem with other female artists


In a February interview with BblackboardSZA openly discussed her stance on the competition with other female artists, as gutted by her fans.

“To even be in conversation with Taylor [Swift] and Miley [Cyrus]even the fact that our fans are fighting is ridiculous because it’s like ‘how?’ is,” she explained.

The ‘Good Days’ hitmaker added: “I really appreciate the opportunity to even be a part of this conversation. This is something I never dreamed of.”

SZA also discussed how black women in the music industry face extra pressure because they “don’t have the luxury to try something and make it into something that’s really part of us.”

She remarked, “You have to allow people to see different sides of you. Some people might really hate that, and some people might like it. And I’m thankful for those who enjoy it.”

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