Tamika, Kandi and Tiny confront LaTocha about her husband

Before you solve them reportedly stole $30,000there is another one La Tocha Scott Scandal, and Xscape has receipts longer than CVS.

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At SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B, The Scott sisters called a truce, but the tension is still thicker than cold porridge. Iconic groups bickering over costumes, set lists and headlines are only half the battle. LaTocha ended up in the midst of more hilarious allegations, and this time all of Xscape had the receipts.

The latest episode started with a brief reunion between Tamika and LaTocha Scott but ended on a bombshell. After accusing LaTocha of stealing $30,000, Tamika agreed to work things out for the good of Xscape and her sisterhood. LaTocha even acted like a group member again, despite her new solo record deal.

Everything that went out the window when Tamika Scott, Kandi BurrussAnd Little Harris confronted LaTocha that her husband was allegedly skimmed off the top. The group “gets down to business” in a tense sit-down Rocky Bivens.

Tamika, Kandi and Tiny confront LaTocha about her husband

“One of the promoters we work with a lot dropped a bombshell on us, okay? With receipts! And you know you love a receipt!” said Kandi in the confessional.

We love the receipts too, Kandi! Once again, LaTocha looked like a deer caught in headlights.

β€œWe found out a lot of things that just aren’t right. Your husband is involved with a promoter. He got bribes,” Tamika explained at the meeting.

LaTocha immediately had a screw face as she defended her 28-year-old husband.

“No one gets bribes from promoters,” she retorted.

Tamika doubled over and calmly pulled out a whole folder of receipts! “We have a business meeting soon,” she said, handing out copies to everyone.

The documents included copies of text allegedly negotiating between Rocky and the promoter over additional fees for booking the group. LaTocha said she did not know or do anything wrong, but the defendant said otherwise.

Tamika held up more papers that she said were copies of the payments and confirmed that the messages included Rocky’s phone number. The scandalous scene ends on a cliffhanger when LaTocha calls her husband with the news.

See what Kandi and Tiny have to say about the kickback receipts and why they believe they’re real after the flip.

Tiny Harris joins Kandi Burruss To Talk about it About the kickback allegations

On Sunday night, Tiny appeared on Kandis Podcast to recap the shady shenanigans and Talk about it. They sympathized with the sisters over their family feud. However, the kickback allegations only added more fuel to the fire.


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Kandi revealed that the folder full of documents was her idea and advised Tamika that “you can’t hit people with fake messages.”

“The promoter sent screenshots of text messages between him and Rocky. He also sent copies of a transfer receipt from the bank,” she stressed.

“It was an actual transfer slip with bank numbers on it. There were multiple payments. A one-off for $5,000 or so, and the notes section said “for Xscape” and went to Rocky’s company.

When asked to clarify his company name, Kandi said Rockland Records is really R. Kelly’s company. “Explore it. He tells a lot of lies, Chile,” she added.

Tiny explained that all this tea is a surprise to her at the moment, as is LaTocha, but she’s convinced. LaTocha doubted the screenshots were real. Not only did Kandi say that was Rocky’s number and name on the messages, but he also claims the details and timing were correct.

“How could the promoter know that to make it up to the lyrics?” Kandi asked, debunking LaTocha’s narrative.

“The problem with this situation is that we’ve heard from other promoters for years that Rocky has been doing side business.

Kandi also pointed out that the group has a policy of splitting payments equally, rather than taxing finder fees. She revealed that the group suddenly had problems with this promoter, but until now they didn’t know why.

β€œMe and Tiny got Covid this year. After [the promoter] paid [Rocky] the money to get us on the show, we ultimately couldn’t do the show,” she said.

“I think that stopped Rocky from getting the rest of the money and they had a fight. So now it was causing all these problems for us and the promoter.”

Tiny also said the lyrics explain that LaTocha insists on a full reunion with Kandi, despite making more money than ever as Xscape 3.

“Because they got some extra money on the side,” Kandi said.

Even LaTocha’s claims of welcoming Kandi back as a friend look money-motivated judging by these lyrics. After years of these rumours, this is just the first time a promoter has claimed to have proof.

Both women regret all the drama, but Tiny promises the show will go on with or without Latocha and Rocky.

β€œOur fans still love us and still support us. We’ll still be out there giving you all what you want. There will be three of us,” she added.

As long as Rocky is in the driver’s seat at LaTocha, Jesus must take the wheel!

What do you think of the Xscape beef? Do you believe the promoter’s alleged earnings or LaTocha’s innocence?

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