Taylor Swift dives head first into stage leaving fans speechless »

Taylor Swift certainly doesn’t lack stage presence. The singer performed a spectacular stage dive during a show In Arizona Which was part of her much-anticipated Eras Tour.

The unexpected moment was captured on Video and Has now done The rounds on Social media. In fact, it’s already accumulated millions of views on both Twitter and TikTok, having been posted just a couple of days ago.

At The start of The Video, Swift can be seen singing “You Belong With Me”. She elegantly strolls around The stage In a green dress before suddenly diving headfirst into a hole Which was hidden from The crowd. A stage effect was then used to create a green splash- it was as if she had dived into a green ocean.

After she took The plunge, images of Swift swimming on a catwalk were projected onto The big screen before The singer that reappeared In a new purple outfit to sing her song Lavender Haze.

Unsurprisingly, The internet was sent into meltdown after The moment. Hundreds of thousands took to Social media to express their shock at what happened. “EXCUSE ME TAYLOR SWIFT JUST DID A DIVE HEAD First INTO The STAGE WHAT,” was one of The top comments.

The surreal stunt left fans wondering how on earth she was able to pull it off.

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