‘Team pays dearly for restarts’, analyzes Mauro Cézar

After the Sunday of the Carioca derby between Flamengo and Botafogo, which ended with a victory for Alvinegro, now leader of the Brasileiro, Mauro Cézar Pereira commented on the performance of the Sampaoli team, highlighting the constant changes in the team.

Flamengo pays dearly for its eternal beginnings. For this idiotic hysteria every time I lose, I blame only the coach. It was Paulo Sousa, Victor Pereira, now Sampaoli. Yesterday, there was a crazy person asking to leave the sampaoli.

Comparison with Botafogo politics with Luís Castro. Meanwhile, how many problems did Botafogo have with Luís Castro? How many protests from the fans, there was one now, on April 7, the guys went to complain because there was a tie in the Sudamericana. But Botafogo believes Luís Castro will do a good job. He has already tried to do it with possession of the ball and now he plays with less time with the ball, he plays strategically, he doesn’t insist on having the ball, he wants to have it in key moments. It was very well structured, because he is a coach who knows his team, and the other one is coming up now, Mauro Cesar.

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‘Sampaoli has not arrived in 2023 yet’, says Trajano

Sampaoli is still living years ago, he didn’t arrive in 2023. Because he thinks that Marinho is the one who played in Santos with him and that Vidal is the one that played in the Chilean national team. I have this feeling why he is insisting on these two. And that David Luiz is that great defender who made a name for himself in Europe. Trajan

‘Palmeiras is a more vulnerable team this year’, analyzes Mauro Cezar

What catches my attention at Palmeiras is the issue of goals conceded, they concede a goal in almost every game. In the last nine games, they just didn’t win against Água Santa, at home, which was an atypical game, with great mobilization. He even spared players in Libertadores so as not to lose the State to a small team. If you compare the end of last year and now, Palmeiras is a much more vulnerable team. This somewhat explains Weverton’s frequent interventions this season in relation to others and the goal that Paulinho missed. Mauro Cezar

Juca: ‘Corinthians perspective is not to fall to Série B’

It is surprising because messes have a limit and at Corinthians they don’t. Corinthians has been managed by social networks. Drop a name and see what the reaction is, this is the compass of Corinthians management. So, what to expect from Corinthians? Danilo even came up as a solution, there was a moment in the game when the team had five base players. And maybe that’s the solution, playing with the kids, with some tougher ones. But, trying to balance, because the perspective set for today, okay, three rounds are useless, but the perspective is for Corinthians to take care not to return to Série B. Juca Kfouri

‘Palmeiras disappointed even winning’, says Trajano

I thought that in view of all that, Palmeiras being Palmeiras, he doesn’t dazzle, he doesn’t enchant, but he wins. I thought this match was going to score 3 or 4 for Palmeiras, 1 for Corinthians. And what we saw was not that much, no. Paulinho, if he gets it right there, the business would get complicated. Palmeiras, it’s repetitive, once again they haven’t been playing well, but once again they’ve been winning. It’s a litany. Trajan

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