Temperate rainforests to be restored across British Isles, algorithms improve mental health care

Rainforest in Colwith Force, UK

In this edition of Squirrel News, the British Isles’ temperate rainforests are being restored, a record number of dam removal leads to healthier rivers in Europe, and Colombia uses algorithms to screen at-risk people.

Temperate rainforests to be restored in Wales and Isle of Man

Wildlife Trusts schemes are part of a wider program to help recover rare habitat across the British Isles.

Source: The Guardian

Record number of barrier removals helps restore rivers across Europe

More than 300 barriers were taken down last year, boosting the health of waterways and the wildlife they support, say experts.

Source: The Guardian

Colombia turns to algorithms to bolster mental health services

With resources stretched, a computer questionnaire is helping to screen people at risk from depression and alcohol abuse.

Source: The Guardian

How AI can help protect the planet

From reducing buildings’ energy waste to tracking rhino poaching, artificial intelligence is being used in different ways to help the environment.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Australian government slashes prescription drug costs

Australians can collect a two-month supply of medication under one-month prescriptions as part of the cost-of-living relief.

Source: 9News

Old electric vehicle batteries reused in urban electrical grids

EV batteries get new uses rather than going to waste or being recycled, including powering urban infrastructure of European cities.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Basic skills automatically qualify applicants for jobs through open hiring

The Body Shop’s ‘open hiring’ boasts a system that works, despite asking for no CVs, cover letters or references.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Bangladeshi women fight cervical cancer

A group of Bangladesh’s health workers are working to reach women in some of the country’s most isolated places, to fight back against the stigma of cervical cancer.

Source: The Guardian

Jamaica takes innovative approach to mental health care

The Caribbean nation has led the way in taking psychiatric patients out of institutions, but funding challenges remain.

Source: The Guardian

Black churches help prepare people for death through free programs

Founded in partnership with Black churches in California, the free Advanced Illness Care Program provides support to people with advanced illnesses and their caregivers.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

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