Teresa apologizes after Andy says she contradicted herself

Teresa Giudice apologizes to Andy Cohen after the presenter claimed she contradicted herself regarding Luis and the private eye and the live broadcast thread

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Teresa Giudice he apologized Andy Cohen After he claimed she contradicted herself regarding the allegation that her husband Luis Ruelas hired a private detective to find information about it Real housewives from New Jersey pour.

After Luis suggested this on the show, he and Teresa implied that it didn’t actually happen. However, Andy soon accused Teresa of making a contradicting statement See what’s happening live.

In an episode of her Namaste B$tches In the podcast, Teresa responded to Andy’s allegation.

“I think I did great [on WWHL]Teresa said of Heavy, “but I screwed up one time because I heard Andy out there saying I contradicted myself.”

The OG explained that the question confused them.

Your co-host Melissa Pfeister Andy had asked, “Can you defend Louie by saying he hired?” Bo Dietl to dig up stuff?’”

Teresa recalled, “When he asked me, ‘Can you defend it?’ I thought he meant something like, ‘Can you agree with your husband that he didn’t hire a private investigator?’ So I mean yes! I can defend it. He says I contradict myself, so should I have said no to that?”

Teresa continued, “I stumbled on that question…I thought he was going to say to me, ‘Can you defend that he didn’t call the private investigator on everyone?’ So I said, “Yeah, he didn’t.”

“I want to get out of this, sorry Andy, I misunderstood the question,” she added. “I’m not contradicting myself because I didn’t understand the question properly.”

On the chick in the office In the podcast, Andy first pointed out the alleged contradiction.

“[Luis] dodged him See what’s happening live last night and said, “No, he just made it up.” “It came out of nowhere,” said Cohen. “And Teresa contradicted himself, and I’m here to tell you that that wasn’t his story at the reunion. It was very different and we really got into it and that’s a big point of contention.”

After Luis mentioned Dietl on the show, the private investigator told ET it was “Bologna” and said he wasn’t hired by Luis to find information about the cast.

RHONJ Goodbye live display – This is also the live viewing thread for part one of the three parter Real housewives from New Jersey Reunion for Season 13, which begins tonight at 8/7 on Bravo.

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