Tesla: Elon Musk presents quarterly figures – Economy

The big goal of the Tesla boss is a world in which there are only self-driving electric cars. He sees his group in the best possible position for this. He therefore does not want to rely on short-term profits – and he is not making any grandiose promises at the moment.

Elon Musk will be celebrating his 52nd birthday on June 28, and if you read between the lines, there’s one thing he’d really like: a crystal ball to see into the future with. During a phone call with investors and experts about the quarterly figures for his electric car group Tesla, he repeatedly emphasized that in these “uncertain times” he found it difficult to make forecasts and prophecies. On top of that he would say totally un-elon things like, “Now that’s just a guess.” Or: “This is just a goal, not a promise.”

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