Tetsche cartoons in the Kulturforum Bad Mergentheim

The new summer exhibition has been opened in the Bad Mergentheimer Kulturforum, as the city explains in a press release, from which the following information is also taken. The exhibition brings together more than 100 works by the cartoonist Tetsche under the title “Saukomisch”.

At the vernissage with around 80 guests, Lord Mayor Udo Glatthaar said that for the third time in a row the city is focusing on humor at the summer exhibition during the high season. After Uli Stein and Wolfgang Sperzel, now Tetsche.

The city welcomed 14,000 visitors to the two previous humor exhibitions. This is also a result of the good cooperation with the gallery owner and event partner, Bernd Schönebaum.

Renowned cartoonist with self-mockery

Schönebaum went into the special features of Tetsche’s works, for example the “Pümpel”, which can be found in many motifs. The artist himself explains this by saying that, as the son of a plumber, he was probably brought into the world with such a tool. In general, many humorous details are hidden in the unmistakable cartoons, said the gallery owner, who also knows Tetsche personally.

Tetsche published his first cartoon at the age of 16 in “Hör zu”. After school and an apprenticeship as a typesetter, he then worked – during his apprenticeship and years of travel – as a pavement painter in Amsterdam, as a layout artist for a large daily newspaper in Cologne, rattled through various small agencies and finally ended up as a graphic designer and creative director in a large Hamburg company Advertising agency.

Until the irrepressible desire to become a freelance cartoonist overcame him. The first drawings appeared in “Pardon”, “Zeit”, “konkret” and “Hör zu”. For the “Stern” he invented the cult page “News from Kalau”, which was published there weekly exclusively for 40 years. This made him countless fans.

Tetsche has received numerous prizes and awards. Among other things, the silver medal of the Art Directors Club Germany twice, the audience award of the German Cartoon Prize several times and first place in the German Cartoon Prize of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.

The “Saukomisch” exhibition in Bad Mergentheim’s Kulturforum on Hans-Heinrich-Ehrler-Platz is open daily (except Wednesdays) from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. up to and including Sunday, September 17. Admission is free.

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