Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes announce the birth of their daughter Tereza: ‘My miracle’

The baby is the second daughter of the actors, who are the parents of Francisco, 1 year and 3 months old.

Thaila Ayala It is Renato Goes used social networks this Sunday, the 16th, to announce the birth of tereza. The baby is the couple’s first girl, who already has Francisco, 1 year and 3 months old.

Renato Goes and Thaila Ayala

Renato Goes and Thaila Ayala

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@thailaayala / Estadão

On Instagram, both shared photos of the postpartum moment, revealing the face of the youngest. “Welcome my daughter,” announced the actor. “Full family, my miracle was born,” wrote the actress.

Earlier this week, Thaila shared a series of stories revealing that the baby could choose when to be born, as her doctor had suggested that they have a cesarean section when she was 37 weeks old, and the actress rejected the idea.

“I’m trying not to schedule a cesarean. Tereza is at the 6th percentile, I’m at 38 weeks and two days, I’m still waiting to get to 39 to see if, controlling the preeclampsia and the Hellp Syndrome, we can wait for the right time. having this condition, she can’t stand to go through a natural birth, but we are trying to at least make her choose the day and time”, she said in the videos.

In addition to little Tereza’s heart problem, Thaila also revealed that the second pregnancy was more difficult than the first, as she had thrombophilia at the beginning of the pregnancy, which caused a lot of nausea and exhaustion in the actress.

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