The 6 Best Baked Goods from Sam’s Club

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Store-bought baked goods can be a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time. Need a cake for a last minute surprise party? How about a pastry selection for a brunch together? Thanks to the bakery section at your local supermarket, you can celebrate these occasions – or simply satisfy your cravings – without having to dust off your baking supplies.

In addition to grocery stores, wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club are often praised for their baked goods. In recent months, several shoppers have taken to social media to announce and applaud new and returning baked goods at Walmart’s own warehouse.

Here’s a look at some of the goodies you might see the next time you stop by your local Sam’s Club.

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Sam's Club Sweet Fruit Cake with Chantilly Cream Bar
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club recently wowed customers with its latest edition cake, which several social media users dubbed a “Whole Foods Dupe,” referring to the organic grocer’s popular Berry Chantilly Cake. Sam’s Club now offers a similar dessert bar for $17.98. The sweet treat is layered with white cake and Chantilly cream and topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Taking to Instagram, one user called the cake “light, not overly sweet,” adding, “[T]he cake was really fluffy and the berries were delicious.” On a TikTok video that has garnered more than 380 comments, one user wrote, “I bought this for my co-workers [and] it was gone before I even got a bite! It was worth it.”

Sam's Club 10-Inch Coconut Cake
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

The Member’s Mark 10-inch coconut cake is back for the season, according to the @samsclubmembers Instagram account. Made for coconut lovers, this time-limited dessert, which retails for $17.98, features layers of coconut-flavored cake, a coconut cream filling, coconut-flavored frosting and coconut flake topping. “This is the best coconut cake ever!” one Instagram user commented. “One of my favourites[s] 😍 can’t wait!” added another.

pre-packaged Sam's Club Key Lime Pie
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

With summer fast approaching, Sam’s Club is now offering its limited-time Key Lime Pie for $9.98. The dessert begins with a crust made from a custom blend of fresh biscuits, while the filling features freshly squeezed lime juice. The cake is then topped off with a creamy whipped cream. One Instagrammer said the cake was “so amazing last year,” adding, “We missed it when it was gone.” Another called it a “family favorite” with a “great price.”

Sam's Club Tiramisu Cake Slice
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Back in March, @samsclubmembers announced the return of Member’s Mark’s two-pound tiramisu cake, which retails for $14.98. In the comment section of the post, numerous users expressed their fondness for the Italian dessert by writing, “Do I need 2 pounds of tiramisu? Probably not. Am I going to buy 2 pounds of tiramisu? Probably.” In response to that comment, someone else shared, “I’ve bought it twice in the last week and a half.”

As noted on Sam’s Club’s website, the tiramisu cake is made with imported Savaardi ladyfingers drenched in a “custom espresso,” Italian mascarpone cream, and a sprinkling of premium cocoa powder.

Sam's Club Pastry Trio
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

If pastries are your thing, Sam’s Club is now selling three new options: Chocolate, Maple Pecan, and Almond. Priced at $9.98, each pack of nine contains three flavors of each pastry, which the pack label says are best served warm. A customer agreed with this tip on Instagram: “[T]Tube babies taste eve[n] better in the air fryer omg.” Another shopper highlighted the value of the baked goods and commented, “They are so good! 9 croissants for $10, 1.11 each! Where else do you get a Dec[a]Dent pastry for only $1?!”

Sam's Club Cinnamon Crunch Muffins
Courtesy of Sam’s Club

From blueberry to double chocolate, Sam’s Club sells different types of muffins in its bakery section, and the Cinnamon Crunch variety has recently gained some traction on social media. In March, Instagram user @samsclubfoodreview wrote that the muffin’s crunchy crumble topping is “sweet but not overly sweet and provides an extra layer of texture and flavor that really elevates the muffins and sets them apart from the rest of MM.” [Members Mark] Muffins.” A few other users highlighted their desire to try the muffins, writing, “I hope my club gets them soon. They look so good!”

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