The best anime cats of all time

Artemis from Sailor Moon

The male version of Luna, except with white fur, Queen Serenity’s other feline companion from her lost kingdom, is a little more clumsy (perhaps a little more than just a little), but still just as loyal and brave in his own way, albeit he of course Luna’s nerves here and there. You can’t blame a cat for being shocked that her friend fathered a kitten somewhere else in time and space. Sailor Venus is his human, although like Luna, he watches the Sailor Senshi when not getting himself into trouble. At least he’s less strict with Minako than Luna is with Usagi.

Lucky from Eden’s Zero

Happy is B-Cuber Rebecca Bluegarden’s deceptively fluffy robotic cat who defies cat physiology by being able to walk on two legs. He becomes a cat android under tragic circumstances when that was the only way to keep him alive after he was suddenly hit by a car. He’s a mainstay on his human’s B-Cube channel, a futuristic form of social media. The Eden’s Zero crew is excited to have Happy as a multi-function weapon. He can transform into two aether-firing blasters that can upgrade into cannon or assault rifle mode.

Blair from Soul Eater

Blair may seem human at times, but don’t let that fool you. She’s less of a human witch and more of a witch’s cat (wearing a witch’s hat). Blair is more than just a mischievous creature Bakeneko, a mythical cat from Japanese folklore that may have many supernatural powers. This talks, can perform pretty much any magic her humans Maka and Soul can do except possibly cook, and endlessly teases Soul by walking around naked and undisturbed in human form. She also literally has nine lives. When one of her many souls is destroyed, she takes on another.

Raku from Bleach

Maybe Raku didn’t have nine lives as he sadly lost his when he was hit by a car, similar to Happy, but there are perks to being a ghost. As a ghost, he can become a lion with a flaming mane when Hollows threaten to devour his human Yuzu’s soul. You stand no chance against this morphing move, which earns the name Karakura Lion Jet for the unreal speed and power raging with its flames, and Raku can easily attack a hollow three times his size while in this form. His intense spiritual power reiatsu makes this possible.

Koron by Junji Ito: Maniac

The Bakenko is far scarier than Blair’s burnt fish. Koron is downright demonic. Taking the annoying little brother stereotype to ridiculous heights, his human Soichi seems to have no problem with a feral cat that gnaws on everything from a dead snake to a monstrous centipede to a spider with more eyes than legs, and it only gets worse from there. It can trigger lightning strong enough to knock out electricity throughout the home. Perhaps the most dangerous thing about Koron is that he can pretend to be a regular cat – until he’s not.

Meowth from Pokemon

Team Rocket’s evil sidekick never stops sniffing. In search of Ash’s rare Pikachu and other Pokemon, he’ll chat and fight with pretty much anyone or anything, but it’s more bravery than bravery as he usually ends up getting flattened. At least he knows there are some situations where he’s better off using the gigantic robotic version of himself to get his paws on whatever he wants. That’s usually bankruptcy. Still, it has to be admitted that Meowth’s ability to dream up evil geniuses, even if they always fail in the end, is quite impressive.

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