The best football in the world is within a hug – 04/15/2023

John Kennedy was top scorer in the Campeonato Paulista until the tenth round, even playing for Ferroviária, which ended up relegated.

Questioned about the chance of starting the Brasileirão for a big one, leaders pointed to the fact that he belongs to Fluminense and has a history of problems.

Fernando Diniz bet on him.

Chosen as a striker on the left, he scored the second goal in the 3-0 victory against América and ran to hug the coach.

A strong hug, a sign of recognition for those who believed — believe — in the talent of the 20-year-old striker.

While John Kennedy helped decide in Belo Horizonte, López scored the goal for the Palmeiras relief, which tied for 1 x 1 until the 18th of the second stage. López told ESPN reporter Vinicius Nicoletti that he needed to gain seven kilos and reach 80 — he is now 78. Abel concluded that his adaptation to football in Brazil was slow, because the game here is more physical. López needed to bulk up.

I also needed confidence.

Because after ending his personal fast of 19 matches without scoring, López rocked the nets of Bolívar, Água Santa, Tombense and Cuiabá in sequence. Four goals in four consecutive games, two more than he had before the match against Bolívar.

After scoring his goal, López ran to the dugout. All the players hugged him and lifted him into the air.

Palmeiras did not have a cohesive performance, from start to finish. Fluminense took a risk, in a wrong ball output. But two of the title favorites debuted with victory.

The best football in the first round is in a hug, as in the Jota Quest song.

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