The bug in VALORANT patch 6.06 that allowed griefers to sabotage your games has been fixed by Riot

In a competitive online game like VALORANT, muting players will not stop match toxicity. Prior to patch 6.06, the game was still showing pings from muted players, which griefers could theoretically exploit to further degrade your experience. That shouldn’t be an issue anymore as Riot Games has removed the one MAJOR tool that muted griefers had access to.

Each episode shows how streamers and pro gamers prefer different agents based on toolkit changes, patch updates, and other factors. The patch 6.06 notes states: “Fixed a bug that caused ping icons to appear even when someone was muted. “Muting someone now suppresses ping icons as intended.” If you need more information on the VALORANT patch 6.06 bug that allowed griefers to sabotage your games was fixed by Riot, read carefully and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

The bug in VALORANT patch 6.06 that allowed griefers to sabotage your games has been fixed by Riot:

This bug fix will prevent muted players from harassing their teammates during matches by spamming their pings. If you mute someone, they won’t be able to bother you anymore because they won’t be able to communicate with you in the game in any way. The bug is a problem for all players and all players want to fix this as soon as possible. Riot says the bug in the backend so the issues will be fixed in a few days or weeks and with that bug the few things like Gekko and Lotus will also be given out in the VALORANT patch 6.06 which is a short update. However, the game system update in this patch allows players to change the perception of enemies.

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A player on VALORANT’s official subreddit noted that while the bug allowed determined griefers to ruin other players’ experiences, it could also be problematic to take away their ability to ping the map after being muted. The player noted, “I’m actually not sure how I feel about ping icons being muted when someone is muted. Knowing that they can ping at least one location on the map, I often choose to mute toxic or annoying teammates.

In VALORANT Patch 6.06, Riot not only balanced Gekko, the game’s newest agent, but also fixed a number of other social bugs. Because it was “inconsistent” compared to abilities like KAY/O’s FRAG/ment (C) and Breach’s Aftershock (C), the initiator’s Mosh Pit (C) damage to objects was noticeably reduced while becoming Wingman (Q). improved. In the future, Gekko’s mate will not always die if he is the sole survivor.

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