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Murillo didn’t even go up to the thickness of a gillette and watched from the small area as Léo Pereira headed towards Flamengo’s winning goal, in the 48th minute of the second half. The defender, improvised as a center forward, because he could not be replaced after being injured. The goal shows mistakes by both Flamengo and Corinthians.

The Corinthian mistake is obvious.

Spending the game just defending, asking to concede the goal. Especially in the last 30 minutes.

“If we’re just defending ourselves, we’re going to lose the match,” said Luxemburgo upon arrival at Maracanã. If he is no longer the best coach in the country, he can be the best prophet.

Flamengo’s problem is accumulating muscle injuries, like that of Léo Pereira and, before the match, of Éverton Ribeiro. The red-black team had four coaches and, consequently, four different physical trainers in the last 11 months. To try to reach his best tactical level, Sampaoli left the team without a day off for 34 days. Lesions begin to appear.

With all this, Flamengo and Corinthians, with Jorge Sampaoli called a donkey, it was unexpected. On Wednesday (17), the Corinthians coach seemed to languish on national television, while his team was the victim of the incessant volume of play at Atlético-MG.

Therefore, the positioning of Roger Guedes subtly changed, more free of defensive responsibility, with Maycon on the left in the midfield line.

Few people understood why Paulinho started playing as a defensive midfielder. He doesn’t have the strength to be the second midfielder of his best days or the creativity to play attacking. The attempt is to have a good pass and leadership in positioning.

In the old 1990s, Luxemburgo used to say that midfielders “can’t put their asses on the ground” and see the game from behind, where there is room to organize.

Paulinho, in good physical shape, can do this.

He had a good performance at Maracanã.

Corinthians still has an excessive defensive concern, which is explainable, because Flamengo had been doing a great job at Fla-Flu. Sampaoli’s pressure marking produced eight ball recoveries and 19 fouls in the attacking field. Léo Pereira reported that Sampaoli’s order was to disarm before the opponent crossed the midfield line. If he didn’t make it, he misses them.

Sampaoli will take more from Flamengo than Luxemburgo will take from Corinthians, it is an indication not only of the moments of the two coaches, but also of the structures of the two clubs. But the former coach of the Brazilian national team is fighting hard to show himself alive. He showed up until the last moment of the Maracanã, until Murillo became an admirer of Léo Pereira’s header.

Luxemburgo arrived remembering the bad start of his first passage. Now it’s worse. In 1998, he lost the first five official games. This time he hasn’t won in six games, with four defeats and two draws. Corinthians haven’t won since April 26, seven matches, since Cuca’s farewell game.

More than the choice of Fernando Lázaro at the beginning of the year, what hurt Corinthians was the board giving up on him for Cuca.

The lightning passage created immense discomfort.

Having four technicians in the opening four rounds of the Brazilian helps to understand why Corinthians is in dispute with the victory.


Palmeiras could win the 11th consecutive match at Allianz Parque, against Bragantino. It tied. Against Santos, the first time in the history of the classic, there could be a ninth consecutive victory. New draw. Abnormal are such large sequences. The logic of the Brasileiro continues: balance and unpredictability.


Manchester City’s third championship is not unprecedented in Premier League history. Twice, Manchester United succeeded, between 1999 and 2001, between 2007 and 2009. In one of them, from 1996 to 2001, it won five out of six championships. It’s not good and not even the league likes this predictability in the best national tournament in the world.

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