The Dalai Lama and the idolatry of religious people – 04/11/2023 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

What amazes me is not that the Dalai Lama asked a child to suck his tongue, it amazes me that so many people were shocked that a religious leader could have engaged in some kind of criminal behavior. Wow, even the Dalai Lama. What do you mean, even the Dalai Lama? From time to time they discover that saints are not saints.

Half of the internet has already condemned him, the other half points to dementia, cultural aspects and the Buddhist leader’s difficulty with the language, English. I leave that fight to the others. The problem is not just the Dalai, it is realizing that the world that is appalled is the same one that supports power structures that go by the name “religion”.

For decades we have wallowed in stories of pedophile, rapist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, murderous, corrupt spiritual leaders, but humanity insists on turning men into deities, into direct channels with God, with heaven or with hell. But hell is here.

Reports of sexual abuse within churches, cults and spiritual groups are a contemporary routine of secular practice. A survey by Disque 100, a federal government channel, accounts for about three cases a week involving religious leaders. Coame (Combat Abuse in the Spiritual Environment) claims to have assisted 1,643 victims between September 2018 and June 2020, in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, USA and India.

Dalai Lama, certainly already praised by most of the people who stone him, is the piranha ox of the time. The saint of hollow wood is sacrificed, but no one moves a boulder so that the foundations that support religions are destabilized. In the name of spiritual evolution, we continue to collude with economic, social, sexual abuses, maintained by churches for millennia. Have we not learned anything from John of God, Jim Jones, Prem Baba and thousands of other bishops, priests, pastors? Of course.

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