The Director’s Already Teasing What We Should Expect

Zack Snyder has become somewhat known for his director’s cuts, as he has done it many times throughout his career. Most notably, fans petitioned for his cut of “Justice League,” hoping for a better version than the one they got with Joss Whedon. He also did director’s cuts with “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Sucker Punch,” and “Watchman.” The “300” director sat down with Netflix’s Tudum to discuss his “Rebel Moon” cut and how it is different.

“The director’s cut is close to an hour of extra content, so I think it’s a legitimate extended universe version. You really get to see a lot. It’s just more painted-in all the way. The director’s [cut] is a settle-in deep dive, which I have notoriously done throughout my career,” Snyder said. He then explained that he has always had to fight for the extended versions because no one really wanted them. “And with Netflix, we shot scenes just for the director’s cut. So in that way, it’s really a revelation because it gives that second kick at the can for big fans, like a real discovery that they would not [otherwise] get. I’m really excited about it!”

Snyder seems to love what he is doing behind the camera, to the point that no matter what he gets on screen, he still has dozens of scenes in mind that he wants to get out there for his fans to see. What we may have in store for us is a massive universe created out of “Star Wars” rejection.

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