The end of the clock explained

“Clock” begins with a cold open at a baby shower. As Ella celebrates her friend’s pregnancy, other women at the party begin questioning her about her lack of children. She and her father take a pushy approach, claiming it’s something she needs to do as a woman. After a routine visit to a new gynecologist to screen for breast cancer based on her family history, she learns about an experimental treatment that is helping women “reset” their biological clocks.

After some tricks and retiring from a work project, Ella spends ten days in a remote clinic, where she undergoes various examinations and treatments. dr Elizabeth Simmons (Melora Hardin), the doctor in charge of the study, diagnoses Ella with tokophobia, or fear of pregnancy. After a Rorschach test, Ella begins having visions of a grandfather clock, spiders, and a tall woman in black. At some point it becomes clear that these have something to do with her life, such as her family’s valuable grandfather clock and her grandmother as a woman in black.

dr Simmons treats Ella with a prescription for several pills, a hormone implant, and a sensory deprivation tank experience. After leaving the clinic, Ella continues to suffer from hallucinations so severe that they begin to affect her view of reality and her behavior towards her friends and family.

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