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The most famous antiques TV show is already mentioned in the name “Domizil – Bares für Rares”.

Radima Racic comes from Bosnia and has been the owner of the antique shop “Domizil” in Esslingen for seven years. The shop for old treasures has been around for around 40 years.

By Alexander Kappen

esslingen. “Antiques are currently on everyone’s lips due to the many television shows,” says Radima Racic during the reporter’s visit. His shop kinda has a penchant for television. His gold, coin and antiques shop appeared in the film “Rheingold”. Racic himself is a member of the board of directors of the Stuttgarter Münz- und Orden-Club. “I’m a coin expert, but I’m familiar with everything old,” he says proudly.

The most famous show for old treasures is called “Bares for Rares”. It runs normally on ZDF. It occurs in the name of the domicile. “In my experience, the prices that are achieved there don’t normally exist in real life – it’s all for show, isn’t it?” the reporter asks the expert.

He just laughs meaningfully: “I don’t want to say anything bad about the TV show. They are antique colleagues,” says Racic.

He still has a curious story for the reporter: “A woman recently came to my shop. She had made an invention that could be used to cure paralysis. Shortly after that, I saw her daughter wearing it on the VOX show “Lion’s Cave,” Racic remembers.

“People often come and offer me their attic and cellar treasures,” the antique expert tells me – just as you know it from the “Trödeltrupp” on RTL 2.

“But most of it isn’t worth much. However, you should not throw away any items from the First and Second World Wars, as there may be valuable items for collectors,” advises Radima Racic. By the way, his shop is at Roßmarkt 15 in downtown Esslingen.

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