The final scene of The Young Sheldon Season 6 that brought fans to tears

Several Young Sheldon fans commented that they were surprised at how emotionally they responded to the George and Missy bonding scenes and the season 6 finale in general. “I don’t think I’ve ever cried at a show like I did at this one. “The moment Missy and George met was amazing and then Connie’s house was destroyed,” wrote one commenter. Others agreed, with u/judgejudystan commenting, “I never thought this show would make so many people cry.”

Even fans who didn’t enjoy the entire episode and its storylines that much found the moment quite captivating. “I really didn’t like the way a tornado melts everyone’s feelings a second time after a fight, but they did it just as well as they did the first time,” noted u/bellowingburrito. “I cried at the end when I saw Connie’s house and George’s ability to step in and protect himself and Missy. Incredibly adorable.”

Raegan Revord’s performance as Missy received particular praise, as fans felt she was the episode’s standout character. “Raegan was so good. “Incredibly talented actress,” said u/darkdoesreddit. Others have been equally positive about the actor. “Raegan Revord really shines in this episode,” wrote u/BSB8728.

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