The fire effect returns to WDW after the Disneyland fire incident

Earlier this year, the Maleficent Dragon Animatronic in the “Fantastic!” show at disneyland unexpectedly burst into flames after a disturbance occurred during the performance.

Workers rushed to put out the fire Anaheim Fire Department confirmed that no injuries were caused by the incident. However, several times occupation were treated for smoke inhalation after the incident.

Disney released a statement following the incident, saying the cause of the fire is still under investigation and that “fire effects similar to those seen on Fantasmic! were used at Disneyland Park, to be temporarily discontinued”. at select shows and entertainment experiences worldwide out of great caution after the Fantasmic! Prop Fire at Disneyland Park”.

These fire effects included the one used in Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World. However, this effect has now returned.

Walt Disney World brings back-fire effect

After the fire at Disneyland, the fire effect returns to Disney World

The Maleficent Dragon’s float at the Festival of Fantasy parade at Walt Disney World usually blows fire out of her mouth as part of the performance. Due to the fire incident at Disneyland earlier this year, the company stopped using this effect. Now, weeks later, the fire effect has returned to the parade float.

Disney World cast members reportedly said the effect is still suspended in some areas of the park due to the proximity of combustible materials.

In 2018, the Festival of Fantasy Parade’s float Maleficent Dragon caught fire during the performance. Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished and no one was injured.

“Fantastic!” Fire at Disneyland

Disney gives in to Fantasmic!  a statement off fire

On April 22, Disneyland guests witnessed Mickey’s nightmare come true when the animatronic dragon Maleficent starred in the movie “Fantasmic!”. Show caught fire and burst into flames.

A Disneyland guest and TikTok user was in the park when the incident happened and caught it on film. In a video shared on the social media platform, viewers see the iconic animatronic dragon Maleficent burst into flames, lighting up the entire night sky.

“Thank you to DFD for protecting us here at Disneyland today,” they said.


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♬ Keep Calm _ Fire Drill _ Michael Scott – The Office

Although pyrotechnics are part of the show, something went awry when the dragon’s head burst into smoke and flames lanced the air. According to Disney fansite WDWNT, a reporter who was on site witnessed the fire pouring from the dragon’s mouth onto Tom Sawyer Island below. According to their report, the cause “appears to be a leak of a flammable liquid that dripped from the mouth just before the fireball effect started.”

Cast and crew worked quickly to put out the fire as parts of the park were immediately evacuated and closed for the remainder of the evening.

The Anaheim Fire Department has confirmed that there were no injuries as a result of the incident, although several cast members were treated for smoke inhalation following the incident.

At this time, future performances of “Fantasmic!” are planned. at Disneyland have been canceled until at least May 26, 2023, but are subject to change. The Walt Disney World version of the show, set at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is still on the agenda, and Disney has confirmed no changes will be made to its version of the show.

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