The Flamengo that Sampaoli saw at the premiere of the Brasileirão – 04/16/2023

Jorge Sampaoli has a particular style.

You can start with three men, sometimes with two defenders and a winger, sometimes with two defenders and a defensive midfielder, sometimes with the defenders and the goalkeeper.

This means varying the first line with two or three men in the construction of the game.

In front, there are always five. Ever.

There will also always be pressure on the opponent’s defenders, as Flamengo tried to do against Coritiba.

It needs to be stronger than it was against Coritiba.

Of Flamengo’s 16 tackles, five were in front of the midfield.

For the Sampaoli standard, it is little.

Flamengo played a good game against a fragile opponent.

The tendency is for the red-black to get stronger.

And that has Bruno Henrique, substitute for Éverton Cebolinha at 24 of the second half.

At Santos, in 2019, Sampaoli arrived at the same time as Bruno Henrique was negotiating his transfer to Gávea.

It was a huge disappointment for the Argentine coach not to be able to work with the player, whom he admires for his speed, technique and ability to put pressure on.

Four years later, Sampaoli will be able to work with Bruno Henrique. If he’s physically fit, the Argentine will love it. Bruno Henrique too.

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