The Flash actor solves the problem with multiverse movies

General Zod is back in action figure form! At least, that’s how it seemed to Michael Shannon, who plays Zod in the DCEU. Shannon’s Zod took on Henry Cavill’s Superman man of Steel, which ended badly for the Kryptonian general. But thanks to Barry Allen’s time travel shenanigans The Lightning, Shannon gets to reprise his role as Zod. And the notoriously understated actor isn’t too keen on it.

At the request of colliders How he felt about returning to play the villain didn’t hold Shannon back. “Yeah. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t entirely satisfying for me as an actor,” he admitted. “Those multiverse movies are like somebody playing with action figures. It’s like, ‘Here’s this person. Here’s this one Person. And they fight!” It’s not quite the situation of an in-depth character study, which I honestly felt man of Steel was.”

Certainly part of the fun of multiverse movies is the quality of the action figures, which have seen widespread play in genre films and television in recent years. In particular, the Arrowverse shows on the CW featured multiple alternate realities The Lightningand the MCU has prioritized the concept for its current phases, as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, LokiAnd Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Multiverse has gone from a weird sci-fi idea to the mainstream thanks to Oscar success Everything everywhere at once.

But Shannon’s comments are well received. In most of these films, recurring characters are just superficial character arcs, such as when Dr. Strange’s heart skips a beat when he meets another version of Christine Palmer Multiverse of Madness or when Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man catches a falling MJ No way homewhich gets closure for his failure to save Gwen Stacy The Incredible Spider-Man 2.


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