The generation that doesn’t accept the old stamp – 07/20/2023 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

I and many other 50-year-old women are the first generation that does not accept the stamp of old age, which has always been imposed on us. We have plenty of individual examples that defied the destiny that was reserved for us. They were called women ahead of their time, transgressors, as if claiming more social, professional, sexual life was a great boldness. It was. Thank you to them who showed many of us that the exception could be the rule.

We are the first generation of 50 years old who, seeing the years go by, age double, have maintained not only mental health, physical disposition, intellectual activity, but our identity. We didn’t change the dynamics of our lives, we gave other meanings to the endings of the cycle, but mainly to the beginnings, besides, of course, the sexual desire and for life. We embrace the advances of medicine, the achievements of feminism and take ownership of ourselves.

We are the generation that refuses the pat on the back of duty done. We’ve already done a lot, perhaps more than we’d like, but we have more to accomplish. The difference is that now we do what we want, no longer what is expected of us, also because we don’t care about expectations and judgments.

We are the first generation that is experiencing the beginning of the full beauty of a mature woman. With the power to decide if we want more or less wrinkles, gray hair, sagging. With the tools to take care of our body as we have taken care of our head, which is far from having reached the state of old age, in the pejorative way in which it is treated. We are lucid, active and ready to live physically and psychologically old and new experiences.

We are the generation that questions the meaning of the word “old”, which no longer accepts being related to anything worthless and disposable. We have stories, experiences, we celebrate the path we’ve traveled and we don’t regret that time has passed. He, time, became an ally, the witness of the value we conquered. We are aware of this.

We refuse the seal of “defeated”, as well as the process of invisibility that they try to submit to us. It’s not gonna happen. We are here, alive, full of life, plans, projects, curiosity, desire. We are in life, in schools, in the job market, in the gym, on the beach, in bars and restaurants, on planes, riding bikes, doing yoga, running marathons, dating, raising children.

It’s a long, sometimes painful, often boring process of proving to the world that still sees us as outdated, that we’re not the ones who haven’t kept up with evolution. Those who still don’t understand these changes are playing Russian roulette by condemning their own existence to old age, the one they so disdain while fitting into the model of youth they idealize. Believe me, you’ll get here soon.

We are the first 50-year-old generation to face the 50-year-old taboo. No wonder this movement has been spearheaded by women who never lied about their age, never hid from themselves or anyone else, never avoided meeting the years. A movement that brought out of the closet personalities, actresses, singers, who spent the last decades running away from the subject, succumbing to the imposition of the dictatorship of beauty, to judgment. We all understand that being younger is no better than the delight of being what you are.

We are free, let’s go together. They can no longer pretend not to see us.

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