The green sect loses its guru

Did Robert Habeck seriously believe that he could just sit out his right-hand man Patrick Graichen’s nepotism affair? A family network in the ministry, whose kinship ramifications reach far into the political forefront of the Greens and are also pampered with tax money from the Habeck Ministry. There is no more obvious way to prey on the state.

The salami tactics of the Habeck-Graichen duo and the furious rearguard actions of leading Greens have at least made it clear how violently the arrogance of power is rampant in the party. If you sit at the controls, the money is mercilessly collected, every relative, friend or companion is rewarded with a job and criticism of it is reflexively defamed as a “right-wing campaign”.

A green donkey sits on the high horse

It gives a deep insight when Habeck is now working on allegedly “extreme right-wing and pro-Russian accounts” that had hit Graichen so hard. The subtle sub-message: Putin and Russia are somehow involved. Who is to drink the cocoa through which it is to be drawn here? Apparently there really is a green donkey sitting on every high horse.

No, Patrick Graichen and his clan are not victims of a campaign. They fell over their own hubris, their belief in their own inviolability. But how could they have known that even the most naïve citizen would not agree with such machinations? After all, according to your CV, you never had anything to do with them. And let’s be honest: never want to have anything to do either.

Graichen failed everywhere

However, Habeck climbs the peak of laziness when he actually and without any irony states that the day was “very hard for Patrick Graichen”. Except for Graichen, Graichen’s sister and Graichen’s brother-in-law, who is actually interested in that? But that’s the way Habeck is. Total political failure is disguised as a human tragedy designed to inspire compassion. However, the addressees will have held back their tears in view of record electricity prices and the heat pump cost estimate.

So is Germany really losing a competent doer who was one of the few who understood the orgy of heating scrapping propagated as the “heat transition” and who saved Germany from hunger and cold in winter, as the Greens like to claim? Of course not, and it says a lot about the party when it understands competence as the ability to fabricate as many hundred pages of legal texts as possible in order to regulate the lives of citizens right down to the closet. And if that fails in reality, we’ll quickly be back to “right-wing Twitter accounts” and Putin.

In search of the new guru

On closer inspection, Graichen’s actions in the gas crisis after Russian troops invaded the Ukraine are also not particularly worthy of praise. The worldwide buying up of gas at top prices at the expense of the citizens – and our partners – is not a service, but a waste of taxpayers’ money. Graichen then messed up the gas levy completely, but at least still called out to the industry that energy-intensive production could no longer be carried out in Germany. This is how the green economic miracle works.

However, nothing will change with the royally rewarded departure of Graichen, who will be temporarily retired at the age of 51. After all, there are still plenty of other Graichen relatives on the move in and around the Ministry at the expense of the taxpayers. The green sect will find a puppet to execute Graichen’s politics.

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