The House of Suntory brings immersion nights in Japanese culture – 05/23/2023 – Marcelo Katsuki

The centenary The House of Suntory, a company that brings together brands of sophisticated luxury spirits, promotes from May 25th to 28th The House of Suntory Experience – The Nature and Spirit of Japan, an event that will unite haute cuisine, cocktails, art and multimedia technology to transport guests to an immersion in Japanese rituals.

The experience will have a dinner in four stages, with each recipe signed by a chef. They are: Telma Shiraishi (Aizomê), Edson Yamashita (Ryo Gastronomia), Marcio Shihomatsu (Shihoma Pasta Fresca) and Rafael Aoki (Quincho).

Dishes will be harmonized with cocktails created by Yasmin Yonashiro, specialist in Asian drinks, and Rodolfo Bob, mixology consultant. The selection of distillates fell to Maurício Porto (Caledônia Whiskey & Co).

The common thread of this experience will be the exploration of the five elements of nature according to Japanese philosophy – emptiness, water, air, earth and fire, in an experience that proposes an immersion in the sensations, flavors and complexity of the distillates of brand. Each stage of the dinner will connect with the element contemplated at that time. The service will be done with pieces produced by the ceramist Hideko Honma.

Reception opens at 7:00 pm with the experience starting at 7:30 pm. Japan House is located on Av. Paulista, 52, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo. For more information and reservations, click here.

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