The man behind Family Guy’s most mysterious joke

You don’t have to know the entire life story of David Geffen to understand the “Family Guy” joke. He’s just an incredibly rich man, and the show makes fun of how people can buy anything when they’re so rich. There’s certainly been a lot of confused reactions on social media from people who just didn’t know who Geffen was, but cheers for those who did.

Shortly after the episode aired, many people took to Twitter to show they understood the reference and found it hilarious. One of those people was a Twitter user @MrAlvinSane: “David Geffen Burn was TOO BILAL. The guy’s rich and powerful enough to buy his way out of a lot of things, including an FG roast apparently.” After Peter’s conversation with Joe, the episode ends with the Griffin family in the newly christened “David Geffen Living Room,” which is just too much was @ShoryukenF to wear: “The David Geffen living room?! lol.”

Over the years, “Family Guy” hasn’t been short of wild celebrity burns. The show even makes fun of itself, as the sitcom berates Seth Green (who voices Chris) during the “Star Wars” special episodes and how unfunny “Robot Chicken” is. David Geffen got off relatively unscathed with his “Family Guy” reference, and now more people know who the multi-billionaire is.

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