The messy case of Achraf Hakimi

KARACHI: The Moroccon team defender became a household name when he helped his team make it to the semifinals of the World Cup becoming the first African team to reach so far. However, Achraf Hakimi has now fallen from grace with a rape allegation and a messy divorce attached to his name.

It was revealed earlier this month, by the French authorities, that the Paris Saint-Germain defender was under investigation for rape. After being questioned, he was then indicted by an investigating judge and placed under judicial supervision. The 24-year-old victim claimed that Hakimi raped her in his family house. Her lawyer, Rachel Flore Pard claimed, “My client maintains everything that she said. She made the choice to speak exclusively to prosecutors and does not want the affair to become a media issue, mainly to protect her safety.”

However, Hakimi’s lawyer Fanny Colin spoke on behalf of his client “Firmly denie(d) all the accusations against him” and instead, called it “an attempted racket”.

As if a rape allegation against Achraf Hakimi wasn’t bad enough, the footballer found himself in a messy divorce. Hakimi’s wife Hiba Abouk filed for divorce after three years of marriage following the allegations. As part of the divorce settlement, the model had demanded half of Hakimi’s assets. However, she was soon to learn that despite the fact that Hakimi has a net worth of $24 million, none of his assets or property are in his name. Rather, his mother is listed as his beneficiary and controls his finances. As it turns out Abouk, on the other hand, with her net worth of $2 million, is richer than her ex despite him being one of the top paid players in the sport. Hence, Abouk is now liable to pay half of her net worth to Hakimi as compensation.

Needless to say, Achraf Hakimi has garnered quite a bit of criticism.

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