“The Most Useless of All”

Nigerian actress Angela Okorie has taken a stab at her colleague Anita Joseph, calling her a “useless” person.

This comes after Angela slammed a friend for sharing her video with controversial blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus.

In a recent development, she published a follow-up post with a picture of Anita Joseph, a close friend of Uche Elendu, calling her the most worthless in her group.

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Angela Okorie, on the other hand, recognized Anita’s husband, MC Fish, as a respectable person.

She further stated that she will single out any of her colleagues who try to interfere in her dispute with Uche Elendu, whom she uses as a sacrificial lamb.

“Ah, I see people calling this Okuku. This is the most useless of them all, but her husband is a good guy. “Anyone who talks nonsense, I will use you as a scapegoat,” she wrote.

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