The new X-Men logo in 2023 could be a big clue to the future of the mutants

The first image hints at the arrival of the “New X-Men”. Released in 2024, the comic doesn’t give much away, but the logo in the image matches the one used in the mid-’90s mini-series The Astonishing X-Men of the Age of Apocalypse event, as well as the Alpha and Omega issues. Is the phrase “New X-Men” a reference to Grant Morrison’s acclaimed performance? Or is it an event that revives the “Age of Apocalypse” timeline, where the status quo for the X-Men has changed dramatically? There are many possibilities, but it will be a while before we find out for sure.

The second teaser concerns an “X-Men Blue: Origins” project. Francis Manapul’s art features Nightcrawler in the Uncanny Spider-Man costume he will be wearing in the upcoming Si Spurrier and Lee Garbett miniseries. He’s joined here by his mother, Mystique, with the fan-favorite dual-wielding mutant as the pair escape from a giant robotic hand – possibly that of one of the Stark Sentinels.

Finally, the cover art for Joshua Cassara’s #29 X-Men hints at the aftermath of Fall of X. The image features Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and several other mutants engaging in a massive battle with Doctor Doom watching the brawl. The artwork suggests that Marvel’s mutants will disagree after the fall of Krakoa. Victor Von Doom may be using the events to gamble for power or win over some mutants.

While the teasers don’t give us many details about what’s to come in the X-Men universe, they do offer interesting clues about the characters’ turbulent futures. Keep reading Looper for more info on the comics and more news from San Diego Comic-Con.

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