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The Offering is a recent addition to the American horror-thriller genre, which was released in 2023. The film is directed by Oliver Park, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Hank Hoffman, based on a story by Hoffman and Jonathan Yunger. The plot of the movie draws inspiration from the Jewish folktale of Abyzou, a demon that is believed to target pregnant women and infants.

The film boasts a talented cast, including Nick Blood, who plays the lead character, Art, and Emily Wiseman, who plays his wife, Claire. The other notable cast members include Allan Corduner, Paul Kaye, Daniel Ben Zenou, and Jodie Jacobs. The performances of the actors have been praised for their ability to convey the fear and horror that the plot demands.

The Offering follows the story of Art, a man who seeks to perform a ritual to protect his wife and unborn child from Abyzou. The task is to be accomplished with the help of his friend Heimish, who is an expert in Jewish mysticism. However, when Heimish is killed by the demon during the ritual, Art is left alone to complete the task.

The plot of the movie revolves around the tension between Art’s desire to protect his wife and child and his fear of the demon. As he tries to complete the ritual, Abyzou begins to play mind games, dragging him into a terrifying world of hallucinations and terror. The demon preys on Art’s vulnerabilities and uses his love for his wife and unborn child to manipulate him into doing its bidding.

The Offering Ending Explained

As Art and Heimish worked on finishing the protective circle, the demon killed Heimish, leaving Art to complete the ritual alone. While Art read the prayer, the demon played mind games with him, showing him visions of his wife Claire being dragged into a room and screaming for her life. Art, unable to stay within the circle, entered the room to save her but failed.

The demon then entered his body, and Art attempted to kill himself with a dagger, but struggled to do so. Heimish appeared to help him push the dagger into his chest, but Art soon realized that it was actually the demon posing as Heimish. The ritual was left incomplete, and the demon killed Art in the process, leaving Claire to wake up under the table, thinking it was all a dream.

Meanwhile, Yosille fell into Abyzou’s trap, hoping she could bring his wife back. But when he accidentally fed her his daughter Sarah, he gave up his pursuit and offered his body to Abyzou, killing himself the moment he was possessed. Abyzou started playing mind games as the amulet broke into pieces, and by burning it, she was completely freed.

She gave Art an ultimatum to feed her another child or save his baby and lose his unborn forever. Art tried to trap her but failed, losing his life in the process. In the end, Abyzou fulfilled Claire’s wish by bringing her within the sigil, and it is suggested that she continues to roam the mortal world, hunting for children as no one was able to trap her. “The Offering” leaves viewers with the haunting notion that the demon will continue to pose a threat to innocent lives.

The Offering Where to Watch?

The film’s direction and screenplay have been praised for their ability to create an atmosphere of fear and horror that keeps the audience engaged till the end. The use of Jewish mysticism as the central theme of the movie adds an element of uniqueness to the plot, making it stand out from other horror films.

The movie has been appreciated for its ability to blend traditional horror elements with a modern approach. Currently you are able to watch “The Offering” movie streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Offering Cast



Nick Blood Arthur
Emily Wiseman  Claire
Allan Corduner  Saul
Paul Kaye  Heimish
Daniel Ben Zenou  Chayim
Jodie Jacobs  Chana
Sofia Weldon  Sarah Scheindal
Anton Trendafilov  Yosille
Velizar Binev   Moishe
Meglena Karalambova  Aida
Jonathan Yunger  Levi Siegelman

The Offering Movie Review

The movie “The Offering” is a supernatural horror film that was released in 2023. The plot revolves around a young woman named Lilith who travels to a remote island in search of her estranged mother, who is a renowned painter. However, Lilith soon discovers that the island is cursed, and supernatural forces are at play.

The review by critic Brian Tallerico on praises the film’s atmospheric tension and cinematography, calling it a “visually stunning horror film.” He also notes the strong performances by the cast, particularly Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the lead role of Lilith. Tallerico highlights the film’s focus on psychological horror rather than relying on jump scares and gore, noting that it “builds its scares gradually, through a constant sense of unease that permeates every frame.”

He also compliments the film’s pacing, stating that it “never feels rushed or bloated, with the tension slowly building until it reaches a satisfying crescendo.” Overall, the review is positive, stating that “The Offering” is “an effective and well-crafted horror film that showcases the genre at its most artful and atmospheric.”

The Offering Plot

The Offering is a gripping horror-thriller film set in the Jewish community, following the story of Art and Claire. Art, a struggling real estate agent, and his wife, Claire, go to visit Art’s father, Saul, an embalmer. The father and son had a strained relationship due to Art’s marriage to Claire, who was not a member of their community.

However, Saul had become more accepting of their relationship and welcomed them with open arms. Little did Saul know that Art’s sudden interest in reconnecting with him was due to his need for collateral to secure a loan from the bank. Their visit coincides with the arrival of Yosille Fishbein’s body, a scholar who dedicated his life to finding a way to bring his deceased wife back from the other side.

He died by suicide, and his death was ruled as such until Art found a strange dagger pushed into Yosille’s chest. While examining the body, Art stumbled upon a blue stone amulet that Yosille had been wearing around his neck. When Art accidentally dropped the amulet and it broke into pieces, strange demonic whispers began to echo throughout the corridors, leading to unexplainable events that escalated in intensity.

The presence of the supernatural became increasingly apparent as the night progressed. Claire experiences vivid nightmares of Yosille trying to harm her unborn baby, leaving her in a state of panic. When she wakes up, a blood stain is visible on the bed sheet, heightening the sense of danger. Art is also haunted by the demonic whispers and apparitions, which leads him to question the circumstances surrounding Yosille’s death.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the amulet and the dagger are linked to the supernatural occurrences in the house. The film delves deeper into the ancient Jewish folktale of Abyzou, the demon who preys on the unborn and young children. As the family’s safety and sanity are put to the test, they are forced to confront the demon and unravel the mystery surrounding Yosille’s death. 

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