The Quantum Leap reboot skips the original in a big way

The quantum leap Review contains spoilers.

Quantum Leap Episode 17

dr Ben Song (Raymond Lee) lands on a luxury international plane this week and in the body of a neatly coiffed flight attendant tucked under a pillbox hat. Ben’s service-with-a-smile includes offering strong drinks, cutting rare beef, and figuring out how to save all the passengers from the crash that took their entire lives in the past. The cause of the plane crash was unknown, so Ben needs to figure out why the plane crashed and how to prevent this from happening (again).

This episode features some of the best out there quantum leap This season offers twists and turns, murder mystery and MacGyver strategies like “O Ye of Little Faith”, “Fellow Travelers”, “Leap, Die, Repeat” and “SOS”. Indeed, Ben is nothing if not an unconventional problem solver, and we see that this week when he manages to neutralize two armed hijackers, euthanizes the co-pilot and his accomplice to gain access to the cockpit, and stabs someone in the neck. Ben deserved this opportunity after taking such a stab himself in the last episode “Ben, Interrupted”.

Ben’s ability to get out of the worst of jams is remarkable, but so is his ability to identify with the people in his strides, encouraging them and ultimately convincing others to do the right thing, even when it’s the hardest. I will forever be corrected in my observation after standing quantum leap Pilot that Ben Song is not charismatic. Maybe it was difficult liking a guy leaving his fiancée Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett), whose love language might be as simple as that – information.


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