The red flag that should make you think twice about a potential employer

When you’re hired as a new employee, there’s a fine line between feeling like you’re supported or properly trained by the company for your position and being micromanaged. An overbearing boss can make every workday horrible because you either feel like you can never do anything right or you constantly have to “fix” tasks that were deemed inadequate.

Business Insider explains that employees will not tolerate a “know-it-all” boss because it limits their own autonomy and creativity in their position. Employees want to feel like they were hired for a reason, because they bring value and unique skills. Having a boss or supervisor making all the decisions for your position can make you less meaningful at work because your leaders don’t trust you. As you learn how to deal with a bad boss, instead of complaining to co-workers, try asking relevant questions of your potential co-workers.

By asking the interviewer how new ideas or opinions are approached within the company, you can gauge how much say you will have as an employee. Also, if you get the feeling that the boss likes things a certain way, he’ll probably try to control every little task, even if it’s yours.

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